Crypto experts’ top predictions for 2020


Posted: January 10, 2020

Updated: February 21, 2020

  • The grand crypto bull market will continue in 2020
  • Crypto will increasingly integrate with real world applications
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Obviously, our annual cryptocurrency predictions are a must-read.  Online sportsbook news in the United Kingdom says that Crypto will increasingly integrate with real-world applications. However, people do not support the decadent mood of digital currencies. Moreover, Crypto experts’ top predictions for 2020 are very positive. In their opinion, cryptocurrency will not go anywhere, on the contrary, virtual assets will be more and more distributed every year.

Let’s first review what we said last year, in all openness and transparency. We’ll continue with next year’s predictions. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong is confident that digital currencies will gain steady momentum over the next 5 years. Over time, the number of users will reach 1 billion people. Despite the rapid decline of the cryptocurrency market crypto experts’ top predictions for 2020 are not so sad. Great expectations are placed on institutional investors.

Top 3 cryptocurrencies for purchase in 2020

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Digital, Money, Electronic
One bitcoin.

Everyone started talking about the outflow of customers from classical banking organizations. If we consider the capitalization of Bitcoin for 2020, the figure is $ 65 billion, while US GDP is $ 18 trillion. Analyzing the indicators, we can conclude that cryptocurrency does not provide much space for making “maneuvers”. Large investors invest no more than 2-3% of assets in anticipation of further coin growth. However, speculation with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is entertaining.

What determines the price of a coin? Crypto experts’ top predictions for the top 3 coins

Also, let’s try to imagine what the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies will be in 2020. Then which coins should be paid attention to. For consideration, we will choose the TOP-3 coins.


Most cryptocurrency experts say that in 2020, bitcoin will continue to dominate the market for top cryptocurrencies. Its value will remain due to the following factors:

  • the inflow of money from institutional investors
  • high speed of implementation
  • a possible global financial crisis

As for the price of bitcoin, it is expected that within two years it will grow by 200%. Moreover, by September 2020, it could reach about $ 13,000-14,000. Some Internet users are sure that prices will rise to $27,526.10.


As for Ethereum, the situation is controversial. Crypto experts’ top predictions for 2020 gravitates to the pessimistic side. It is difficult to calculate the future price of coins when the total issue is unknown. According to Vitalik Buterin, in 2020 there will be about 100 million ETH in circulation. Besides, the Ethereum market share will be approximately 1,137.5 billion.


It’s no secret that XRP may become the king of banking infrastructure, so Crypto experts’ top predictions for 2020 are very optimistic. Online sportsbook sites in the United Kingdom write that Ripple has partnered with Western Union and even wants to replace the SWIFT network. Today, Western Union and Moneygram are already considering using XRP.

As for the price, here the forecasts differ. According to WalletInvestor, in a couple of years, its price could rise by 380% and reach $ 0.6-0.7. Crypto experts’ top predictions for 2020 are different: some of them announce a maximum price of $ 0.42, the others speak for $ 1.20, which makes the coin ideal for long-term investments.

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