Nobel prize for proving flat Earth

  • Why do people today believe that the Earth is flat?
  • Is it possible to prove that the earth is not round?
Flat Earth, Flat Earthers, Nobel Prize, science

In recent years the number of people who have come to the conclusion that the earth is flat has grown dramatically. In fact, today there are many flat Earth societies that promote the belief that the Earth is flat. Pseudoscience or conspiracy theories are the main motivators of Flat Earthers. Moreover, according to online gambling sites in the UK, there is a possibility to win a Nobel prize for proving flat Earth. Well, let’s take a look at how possible that is. 

Flat Earthers sincerely believe that the Earth is a flat disk with its center at the North Pole. The sun and the moon rotate above the surface of the Earth. Moreover, the same thing happens to the stars. Also, gravity is denied. They reject proven scientific evidence, NASA’s photographs, and videos.

Nowadays, it has attracted tens of thousands of followers including a number of celebrities, such as rapper B.o.B., reality TV star Tila Tequila, and basketball player Shaquille O’Neal.

Modern flat Earth believers

Modern flat Earth belief comes from the English writer Samuel Rowbotham. In fact, he came up with a variety of interpretations of cosmology in the mid-1800s. Rowbotham wrote a book Earth Not a Globe, saying that the Earth is a flat disc and its center is the North Pole. Also, he stated that the Sun and Moon were 3,000 miles (4,800 km) above Earth.

According to psychologists, today’s popularity of the theory comes from social media. Celebrities have boosted the flat Earth theory by tweeting about it.  However, the internet-era flat-Earth movement is new and there is no research on it yet.

Additionally, YouTube is the main driver for the rise in the number of people who think the Earth is flat.

Indeed, Flat Earthers say YouTube is key in helping them spread their message. One researcher found that of attendees at a flat Earth conference, nearly all said they first came to the idea through YouTube.

Nobel prize for proving flat Earth: Could 2,000 years of belief be wrong?

Flat Earth, Flat Earthers, Nobel Prize, science
Flat earth theory – Image source: Cicero R.V. / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

The debate about the shape of the Earth has been settled over two thousand years ago. Since that was no scientific evidence provided otherwise.

Nowadays, Flat Earthers base their arguments on flaws in science while ignoring major problems with their own claims. They do not provide scientific evidence for their radical alternative thinking. Moreover, Flat Earth theory doesn’t explain the broad range of natural phenomena that are well-explained by the modern scientific understanding of the globe and its place in our solar system.

While the evidence for a round Earth is overwhelming. Most obviously, there are thousands of images and videos of the Earth from space. Also, let’s not forget the astronauts who have personally seen the Earth from orbit. It is impossible to dismiss all of the evidence from the entire history of space exploration. However, we don’t need to rely on evidence from modern space agencies to know that Earth is round. The globe has been clearly understood for thousands of years. Indeed, this was one of the first cosmic facts that ancient people discovered, because evidence of a round Earth is visible to the naked eye.

So this makes it impossible to find any valuable scientific proof for this theory, let alone win a Nobel prize for proving flat Earth. However, if you are still a Flat Earther you can place a bet on that at 1xBet sportsbook. Well, the odds for that to happen are 152.

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