CS:GO V4 Budapest Betting Odds: World No. 1 Faze Clan on a Title Run

CS:GO V4 Budapest Betting Odds

Eastern European fans are getting ready for the biggest esports showdown in Hungary featuring CS:GO with three other tournaments. World top ranking teams are expected to compete, but who is topping the CS:GO V4 Budapest betting odds?

According to online sportsbook news in Hungary the Association of One Million People for Hungarian Esports will host the tournament known as ‘VS Future Sports Festival’. It will be held on March 23-25 at Budapest’s BOK Hall indoor arena with a capacity of 6,000 people. A total prize pool of €1 million is on offer, with CS:GO taking the biggest chunk of the pie, while the rest of the money will be distributed among the other three tournaments (League of Legends, FIFA 18, and Clash Royale). Esports’ odds in Eastern Europe including CS:GO V4 Budapest betting odds are not as frequent as in the West. So if you’re close make sure to not miss the event, as the entrance will be free and some top teams are coming including Faze Clan, Mousesports, and HellRaisers.

World top Teams vs Lower tier Teams

‘VS Future Sports Festival’ will be aimed at the V4 countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland), from which four of eight competing teams have been determined by online qualifiers. The other four teams are invited by the event organizers. The invited teams are Faze Clan, Mousesports,, and HellRaisers, while the qualified ones are eXtatus, GameAgents, Dark Tigers, VenatoreS.

Online Sportsbook reviews directory suggest the tournament to play out in round-robin format, with the top two teams from each group advancing to the single elimination playoffs. The grand final for the event will be a best-of-five. Do you think qualifiers from V4 countries could go against the odds and win over world top teams?

CS:GO V4 Budapest betting odds on the winner

No doubt that the four invited teams have the favourite odds over the nationally qualified ones. It is not surprising with an incredible trophy collection that they have. The world no. 1 Faze Clan will play in group A, and they are topping the winner odds section at Unibet Sportsbook with (1.50) odds. If they keep advancing to the grand final, they might pair with Mousesports who will play in group B, and are second placed with (3.00) odds for a tournament winner.

Other two invited teams have a lower chance to claim the title, but they might strongly compete. HellRaisers are grouped with Faze Clan, and they are expected to be strong rivals as the 13th world ranked team. At Unibet Sportsbook they are third placed with (7.00) odds. In group B, 98th in the world, and 21st in EU eastern part might also advance to the play-offs, but they are less likely to compete in the Grand Final, with odds at (18.00) for title winners. In terms of the qualifiers from V4 countries, do you think anyone is able to present a strong campaign?

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