After The Cup It’s Time To Bet On England In The 2019 Ashes

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  • Better Bet On England In The 2019 Ashes At Bet365
  • World Cup Winners England Are Favorites At Just 3/4
Bet On England In The 2019 Ashes
Jason Roy believes they've got the best seven batters available in England

After the most fabulous finish to a Cricket World Cup possible, eclipsing even the Wimbledon final, the one day game makes way for the far more serious business of the Ashes. After their semi-final clash the Australians will be looking to get back some measure of dignity, but the bookies like Bet365, one of the best online sportsbook sites in the UK, only give them a 7/4 chance and most of the serious money being bet on England in the 2019 Ashes series ahead.

To be clear it should never have come down to a super over, however spectacular it was. England went into the World Cup clear favorites and should have waltzed through to victory, instead of which we were treated to some of the most dramatic cricket ever seen. A bet on England in the 2019 Ashes may seem entirely sensible on the face of it, but let us not forget they made terribly heavy weather of that final, despite having put in some sparkling performances to get there.

Bet On England In The 2019 Ashes
Entgland captain Joe Root

We couldn’t be in a better place really, having achieved what we’ve achieved here.” Said Joe Root as if beating New Zealand were some miraculous feat. “This will give the guys confidence and we’ve talked about taking that forward.” Which is great, in theory. It’ll be the same confidence as will have people up and down the land taking advantage of UK gambling laws to bet on England in the 2019 Ashes, however that doesn’t necessarily make it the only option.

Can England Win Both World Cup And Ashes?

 A kneejerk bet on England in the 2019 Ashes is to sell the Aussies short. England didn’t just beat Australia in their semi-final, England danced on their soul in hobnail boots. Losing three openers for fourteen runs is abominably poor form, and the Aussies will be desperate to claw back a little dignity when they meet in August. Just how you get any dignity back after losing by eight wickets in a one-day game is hard to imagine, but they’re probably working on it right now.

The Ashes 2019

  • Date – August 1st to September 16th 2019
  • Format – 5 Test Match Series
  • Locations – Various;
  • Edgbaston
  • Lords
  • Headingley
  • Old Trafford
  • The Oval
  • England Captain – Joe Root
  • Australia Captain – Tim Paine

The way we played against Australia in that semi-final at Edgbaston, the guys who were involved relished it and will want a bit more. To potentially be able to experience all that again is very exciting.” Enthused Root, and whilst the Aussies will be keenly motivated too, the hosts could just have the edge. A bet on England in the 2019 Ashes then might not be the most adventurous bet on sports in the UK ever, but given what is likely to happen, it’s the best one.

Bet On England In The 2019 Ashes Series At Bet365

 Ashes cricket always has a different edge to it so that in itself will get everyone going.” Joe assured the media. “It’s always so special. The atmosphere, the way it builds up and the way the guys get excited about it, it’s like no other series in Test Cricket.” Which is true, and many of those that will bet on England in the 2019 Ashes series will be well aware that like no other Test cricket competition it has produced some of the most unlikely and dramatic results of the game.

The 2019 Ashes

  • Draw – 6/1
  • Australia – 7/4
  • England – 3/4

Whether England will ever be able to top that last-throw-of-the-ball win at Lords is debatable. After that absorbing and emotional hour it’s likely that a bet on England in the 2019 Ashes will be to back a workman like team demolishing an old rival now down on their luck. Australia might get 7/4 at bookies like Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK, but this is England’s day in the sun, and it’s unlikely the lads from down-under will put them in the shade.

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