Curling European Championship 2019 Betting Odds: Home Teams Are the Favorites

  • Sweden will host the European Curling Championship
  • Home teams are favorites both at men’s and women’s
  • Biggest opponents are Switzerland and Scotland
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The European Championship is in Sweden between the 15th and 23rd of November. It is also a qualification event for the 2020 World Championship, with 7 teams qualifying in both men’s and women’s races. The Curling European Championship 2019 betting odds favorizing Sweden to win both competitions. 

For many people, curling is not the most exciting winter sport, but it’s getting more and more popular in the whole of Europe. 10 teams in the A division and 16 teams in the B division will take part in the European Championship. For beginners, curling is a team sport played on ice by two teams of four players, but funny enough, everyone is in shoes. Each team tries to get its special marble stone close to the house, the middle of the target area. 

Curling European Championship 2019 betting odds predict Swedish win

The Swedish men team has won the European Championship 11 times, and they have 30 medals in total. Still, there is one country which has an even better history, Scotland, who has won the gold 13 times so far. Actually curling was first played in Scotland in the 16th century, and the world’s oldest club is also Scottish. The Kilsyth Curling Club has been formed in 1716 and it’s still working. The Scottish team is also the reigning champion, they have 3.24 odds for winning again. 

But online sportsbooks in Sweden are favorizing their own team for winning this time, which is quite reasonable, as they are competing at home supported by their fans. They’ve also managed to win four Euros from the last five years, and have been in the top teams since the beginning of the sport. Their odds are 1.94 at 1xBet

A third team, which has a similar history and good results, is Switzerland. They have won the championship last time in 2013. During the 70s, 80s the team was even more successful, with winning 6 gold medals. But recently they haven’t managed to get another title, their odds now are 5.75 for the final win. 

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The Swedish team is one of the favourites this year (Jonathan Pope from Vancouver, Canada [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

Similar countries are the favorites in the women’s competition

In the Curling European Championship 2019 betting odds, the Swedish women team has the smallest odds to win with 2.2. But they are expected to have a tough race against Switzerland, who has 2.75 odds at 1xBet. To learn more about the odds, read our review about 1xBet sportsbook

In the women’s curling history, Sweden is leading the all-time board with 20 gold medals. They are miles ahead of second-place Germany, who has 8 wins and Switzerland who has 6 titles so far. Online gambling sites in Sweden are also mentioning the teams of Russia and Scotland in favorites. They are usually doing well in the championships, and belong to the top teams in Europe. But most likely last year’s two finalists, Sweden and Switzerland will fight again for the title. The Swiss can take revenge for their previous defeat, but we, fans can only win if the teams can repeat last year’s excitement, ending the final with a 5-4 score to Sweden. 

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