Czech First League 2020 Bets On Matchday 3


Posted: August 31, 2020

Updated: August 31, 2020

  • Check the Czech First League 2020 bets at Bet365
  • Will two favorites keep their leadership in the standings?
  • Slavia Praha and Sparta Prague top the list after 2 matchdays

Czech First League 2020 bets show the favorites of Matchday 3. To see the clearer picture of the further standings in the domestic championship, follow 22Bet Sportsbook. Currently, Slavia Praha and Sparta are on top, but will it last for long?

Football betting on the new season is on. The 2020-2021 Czech First League keeps on surprising, though current favorites are quite predictable. The 12-title holder, Sparta Prague, is the runner-up after 2 matchdays, while the reigning champion Slavia Praha tops the standings. How can the situation change after matchday 3? Let’s see.

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Czech First League 2020 bets – Matchday 3

This season, 18 football clubs compete in the Fortuna Liga. Although only two games have been played since the start of the league, some favorites already appeared. Stay tuned to Bet365 Sportsbook if you want to find the best odds; meanwhile, we will talk about possible winners of matchday 3.

SK Dynamo v Liberec

The SK Dynamo v Liberec match seems to be quite predictable if this term can be applied to football. During the previous two matchdays, Dynamo earned 1 point by losing one game and playing a tie in another. Its future rival, on the contrary, placed 9th with one victory and one defeat. No wonder that Liberec is currently the main favorite in this pair.

Czech First League 2020 bets
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Karvina v Sparta Prague

A bit more interesting situation is observed in the Karvina v Sparta Prague pair. Both teams are almost equal by the Czech First League 2020 bets. Although Sparta is the runner-up in the standings with 2 consecutive victories, one shouldn’t underestimate its rival. Karvina recouped after two missed goals by Opava and placed 6th with four points. So, this match has to be quite unpredictable.

Pribram v Opava

By online gambling sites in Czechia, the winner in the Pribram v Opava match will be the main surprise of the day. Both teams are outsiders and cannot boast for high positions in the 2020-21 standings. Opava is 16th, Pribram occupies 17th place, both have lost their first matches. Will it be a tie or one of the clubs is stronger?

Viktoria v Mlada Boleslav

On September 12, Viktoria Plzen will play against Mlada Boleslav and this match is definitely worth watching. Viktoria has won one of its previous matches (3-1 against Opava) but lost 4-1 to Liberec. Despite this, its rival Mlada is one of the outsiders in the 2020-21 season. The club occupies the last place in the standings with a -6 goal difference, so is likely to lose the next game as well.

Pardubice v Slavia Praha

The reigning champion and the current standings topper, Slavia Praha, is an undeniable winner of the matchday 3 by Czech First League 2020 bets. The club will meet Pardubice in the next game. Although the club has won the second-tier league in 2019-2020, it can hardly compete with the club that has won 6 titles. You can bet on Slavia Praha to win at Bet365.

Czech First League 2020 bets
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Sigma v Bohemians 1905

One of the most unpredictable matches of the matchday 3 will take place between Sigma and Bohemians 1905. Two clubs stand close to each other in the standings: Sigma is 7th with one victory and one loss, while Bohemians 1905 are 1 point ahead thanks to draw & victory. Such a small difference makes fans wonder who is stronger. We bet that the Prague-based club will win, and you?

Jablonec v Banik

The favorite in the Jablonec v Banik match is a bit more predictable. Jablonec FC enters the top-4 in the standings with four points after two matchdays. On the contrary, their future rivals are placed 13th with two consecutive draws. The Fortuna Liga odds are likely to give preference to Jablonec to win with a 1-0 score at least.

Teplice v Slovacko

According to Czech First League 2020 bets, Slovacko FC will improve its positions after the match against Teplice. The club is currently third in the standings, following the reigning champions and the team with most titles. On the other hand, Teplice has lost one of two matches and it has worsened the club’s positions in the Fortuna Liga.

Zlin v Brno

The last match of the day will be held between Zlin and Brno. Both rivals cannot boast for big successes this season. Zlin is placed 11th, while Brno holds the 14th spot. Bet365 Sportsbook will most probably give odds on Zlin to win, so you can support the team to win and also bet on the total score.

Follow online sportsbooks in Czechia to find Czech First League 2020 bets as soon as they appear. Also, watch all nine matches of the third matchday on September 12 at 17:00.

You can discover more about Bet365 Sportsbook here.

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