Sweden Nations League Betting Preview – Chances To Win Evaluated


Posted: August 31, 2020

Updated: August 31, 2020

  • Sweden will play its first UEFA NL match on September 5
  • Follow Bet365 to check the odds on the country’s team to win

It is time to take a look at the Sweden Nations League betting preview as the first match is coming soon. If you want to bet on the Swedish national team to win at least one match, you better check what are its chances to outplay France, Portugal, and Croatia.

The 2020-2021 UEFA Nations League is right around the corner. The first matches will take place on September 3, so follow online sportsbooks in Sweden to stay tuned to the competitions between Russia and Serbia, Germany and Spain, Finland and Wales, as well as seven other games. All in all, the Sweden Nations League betting preview remains one of the most interesting in the whole tournament. The team has the strongest rivals: France, Portugal, and Croatia. Let’s see what are the Swedish team’s chances of winning all these games.

Sweden Nations League betting preview 2020

To this date, Bet365 Sportsbook gives odds on the first match featuring Sweden. On September 5, the country’s team will play against France. The first predictions on the outcome of the match are already out, so let’s see who to bet on.

Sweden Nations League betting preview
Let’s play!

Sweden v France

The upcoming competition between France and Sweden is going to be the most interesting match in Group C. Currently, the French team is ranked 2nd in the FIFA top, while Sweden is seventeenth. Obviously, it affected the Sweden Nations League betting preview and put its rival at the top with 1.72 odds to win.

However, Sweden shouldn’t be underestimated in this match. The national team has trumps aka Larsson and Berg, with Augustinsson, Jansson, Ekdal, and Forsberg to be in the main squad. Didier Deschamps, France coach, also admitted that his team is usually weaker in the beginning of the season. Swedes won their last match against France with a 2-1 score, which is also a good sign. So, if you support Sweden in the upcoming match, use 5.00 odds at Bet365 to bet on the country’s victory.

Other matches

The next match with the participation of Sweden will take place on September 8. The team will compete against Portugal, but online gambling sites in Sweden will reveal odds once the previous round is over. By the earliest predictions, chances of both teams winning are almost equal with Portugal being just a step ahead. On 11 October, Sweden meets Croatia aka the 2018 World Cup finalist.

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