Daniel Negreanu and Dan Shak are in Twitter War Over the Value of the Poker Game

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Daniel Negreanu and Dan Shak are usually friendly with each other, but lately they expressed different opinions on one of the flaming poker topics.

The debate that made it into the gambling news was initiated by Joe Hachem, who called for poker to be transformed, so that it is more appealing to recreational players. The discussion went further when Shak voiced his concern about Negreanu’s contradictory money narrative.

The conflict started when Negreanu twitted “This is so fun! #FlippingCoins #$250kaPop,” during the Aussie Millions $250,000 Challenge, which followed all Australian gambling laws. The contradiction came because previously he publicly agreed with Hachem and stated that poker has to be “fun for everyone.”

Shak’s determined reaction

Shak apparently found this comment both unnecessary and even harmful, despite he himself being a fan of Super High Roller events. He added that while he enjoyed playing SHRs, he is against the unlimited re-buy structure.

Shack twitted back at Negreanu, and expressed his disagreement with how he portrayed $250,000 as “monopoly money”, adding that such comments can actually serve to harm the game.

Negreanu responded quickly and stated that it was “all business,” but Shak remained firm that such commentary could potentially harm the efforts to regulate online poker, as they make it seem less of a skill game and more about gambling.

At the end, the two players agreed to disagree, but not before Shak wished Negreanu luck in his future events and urged him not to say out loud “everything on (his) mind.”

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