Daniel Tzvetkoff to Stand in Court as a Witness at Poker Trials

Ex-poker swindler Daniel Tzvetkoff has been told to testify or return to his jail cell

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Daniel Tzvetkoff, once a popular face in Australian media will be in a New York courtroom on April 9th, though not as as a defendant as many across the globe were expecting.

Mr. Tzvetkoff, following his arrest for bank fraud and money laundering in 2009 has turned informant and key witness in the trial involving three top online poker sites in United States, and more importantly the men behind them.

Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker were all found to have breached the American gambling laws when they were shut down on “Black Friday” on April 15th of last year.

The legality of online poker is still being discussed in the country at the present time and it is highly likely that each individual state will make up their own laws concerning poker, though at the time, it was considered illegal to run an online gambling website in the country.

Mr. Tzvetkoff had previously been facing a sentence of up to seventy five years behind bars after the federal government tried hard to overrule a Las Vegas judge who attempted to release the Australian on bail.

He was quickly whisked away to New York and kept behind bars for nearly two months, whilst accused of facilitating over one billion dollars of illegal transactions, of which he took a sizable some for himself. A deal with quickly struck though that would keep him from the cells.

Tzvetkoff will now stand against the very three men who accused him of swindling them out of $100 million. Chad Eli, and John Campos were amongst those named in the closure of the three American poker rooms alongside Isai Scheinberg, Paul Tate, Raymond Bitar and Nelson Burtnick.

Mr. Tzvetkoff is allegedly reported to have handed over 90,000 documents included sensitive emails to the prosecutors which could help seal the fate of the men, as the former fraudster turns grass.

Whilst Eli’s lawyers are complaining that they have only just been given access to the 90,000 files, an inadequate amount of time to build a defense they claim, Mr. Tzvetkoff they report may have deleted any emails linking himself to the men in more damaging ways than already known, which the lawyers could find near impossible to defend.

It is believed the Tzvetkoff is also the man responsible for the closure of the three major online poker sites, after his arrest in Las Vegas. Whilst much resentment has been aimed at Mr. Tzvetkoff for his whistle-blowing tactics designed to spare him the cell, the focus will now be on the men left to clean up the party, when the trial begins in just under two and a half weeks time.

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