European Union Bureacrats Attack German Gambling Law

Running an online sportsbook in Germany delayed as grouchy Brussels bureaucrats too picky to approve anything without tons of paperwork.

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Thanks to the popularity of Internet-based and mobile casinos in Germany, the gambling market in this very wealthy country has been growing quickly in recent years. If it wasn’t for these technical miracles, the seventy official casino sites wouldn’t effectively serve the population of over 80 million.

The rapid rise of electronic betting has resulted in the German state seeking to establish a legal framework under which gambling can operate. At present, the casinos are controlled by the individual 16 German states as these have the gambling monopoly.

When it comes to online sportsbooks in Germany, 15 of the states, except Schleswig Holstein (which seeks its own regulations), have supported a nationwide set of laws which would award as many as 20 licenses to sports betting enterprises. Given the tremendous successes of German athletes, many of the country’s residents would surely bet online.

However, to make matters more complicated, the European Union with its insane sets of regulations and directives, has criticized the proposal demanding more information and paperwork in order to have the highly overpaid and mostly useless Brussels bureaucrats in full employment.

For example, the Commission, in part composed of individuals who can barely know how turn on the computer, is questioning online betting as if it was massively different from traditional forms of bets.

The high level officials want to see how poker, blackjack, and other forms of games could be banned if the signs of rigging occur. The Holy Commission also has doubts relating to how competitiveness and access to a single market can be protected. This actually puzzles many since the Internet only opens up opportunities and gives more choice.

In effect, the additional legal hurdles, often placed by grouchy and incompetent Brussels personnel, only will make it harder to establish a set of sensible German gambling laws, which are needed. It appears as putting the cart in front of the horse. Hard to go, but more work for Brussels. It’s called protecting your own turf.

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