Danish, French & UK Gambling Authorities Try To Justify Their Existence Before Ours Ends

Posted: June 10, 2015

Updated: June 10, 2015

The world could end at any moment, but does that mean we have to ignore the rampant expansion of the useless mechanisms of control that leech off our taxes to little over all result or purpose?

Recently a new conspiracy theory surfaced that claims mankind will be all but obliterated by an asteroid strike on our planet sometime in the later half of September. Despite the folks at NASA dismissing the concept as just a bit far fetched and stating categorically that it knows of no “asteroid or comet currently on a collision course with Earth” the advocates of this big impact prophesy are certain of the veracity of their claims, and assured that NASA is just part of the conspiracy to hide the truth.

You’ve Been Quangoed
• France & UK coop with DGA
• Useless expenditure on red tape
• Jobs for the boys gravy train

The more religious amongst them believe it will spawn the Rapture and hell on Earth (although how people in Detroit will notice is debatable) and the more politically minded believe it’s all a New World Order population reduction plot, with some of the more gun-totting types insisting that Jade Helm, the domestic military exercise in the USA, is just a cover for having troops everywhere when the riots break out, society breaks down and we are all enslaved by “the man”.

What invalidates these theories is not that they’re ridiculous paranoid fantasies of socially inept attention seeking morons, but that enslavement of the vast majority to hum-drum small lives of little power and influence over events is something that happened a couple of thousand years ago and has continued ever since. The rich rule and the rest of us don’t, and gambling news of a NWO plot will wake us from our dream like tacit consent to the system is in total denial of the situation.

Have Organs Of Control Been Allowed To Go Too Far?

Man, Rousseau told us back in the 1700s, is born free and yet is everywhere in chains. This sensationalist introduction to his work “The Social Contract” making any concept of a New World Order look just a bit like the old world order with a slightly more alarmist PR department. Of course hippies will tell you that the basic premise of the NWO conspiracies is correct and that we could all throw off the yoke of society and live free and in harmony with nature, but you can’t trust hippies. Ever.

New World Order
That society has an order to it is by no means a bad thing, one only need look at the alternatives to know that chaos is a rightfully maligned state to live in, however it does have to be agreed upon that there has to be a limit to which the power structures of our society are allowed to expand. The organs of the state must have some boundaries, but unfortunately far too often our attention focuses on the individuals not organizations that transgress these reasonable caps.

Watching US policemen overstretch their remit by kneeing on the backs of innocent 14 year old girls in bikinis who are guilty of nothing more than being black in public might be the obvious example of this individualization of overly controlling forces of orthodoxy, but there are plenty of behind the scenes tentacles of control that are far more objectionable. One need only look at the body responsible for the oversight of Danish gambling laws to understand the entire situation has got way out of hand.

Are Danish Children Really At Risk?

It might seem a bit harsh to lump the Danish Gambling Authority in with armed totalitarian thugs abusing young members of society in the streets for being black and unwilling to be quiet and obedient, however the principle is entirely the same, and whilst policemen do serve a purpose (some of the time) one wonders if the DGA can justify itself as quite as socially useful. As an appointed quango it is far more just another part of the gravy train that provides jobs for the boys too stupid to be in government.

Just recently the DGA has arranged agreements of cooperation with both the French ARJEL (L’Autorite de regulation des jeux en ligne) which oversees the french national lottery and similar, and the UK Gambling Commission in efforts to provide a “high level of protection for consumers, players and minors”. This is of course laudable, but since all three will now expand in size to accommodate this liaison between them, isn’t this just a bit of a large hammer to crack an awfully small nut?

How often, I ask myself, do we hear of Danish children being sucked into a web of problem gambling by the French? The newspapers seem devoid of stories of English players being ripped off by Danish gangsters, or the youth of Britain becoming addicted to betting on this year’s herring catch on ComeOn! Sportsbook, so just what is this all about? The fact is this is just yet another useless growth in bureaucracy designed to employ more people at the tax payers expense using those that like to bet on sports in Denmark as an excuse to do so. The New World Order is a bad fantasy, but the rip off of unaccountable quangos is all too real and far, far more insidious.

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