Danish Team Midtjylland Bet On Transfer Relief

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Midtjylland might get to boost their squad early with FIFA’s sensible change in the Danish transfer window, but that doesn’t mean FIFA is getting better any time soon

When looking for evil in this modern world of ours a lot of people will shift their gaze till it rests on the dead-soul shark-like eyes of Vladimir Putin, or the ridiculous demeanor of the fat little foolish freak that is Kim Jong-Un, or perhaps, if they’re particularly left wing, will stare in horror at the US Republican party, anyone in British politics, or (rather amusingly) any corporation that makes any profit at all. These are all, by and large, good candidates for the honor, but I have someone else in mind.

Danish Window Opens Early
• FIFA allow change in date
• Midtjylland in Champions League
• Sepp Blatter is evil incarnate

You see when it comes to world leaders, politicians and the rampant profiteers that run the economy, one can’t really expect angelic behavior. They didn’t get to where they are by being nice, and their need to be nasty really is the result of the framework which we have allowed to develop. Their evil, perhaps, just a little bit our fault. We tacitly consent to the political system, to the capitalist nightmare, to letting dictators get on with completely ruining the lives of an entire population (just so long as it’s not ours).

So to find true evil one cannot look at these already tainted crab-pots of abhorrent personalities and disturbing reigns, their existence a result of our own inherent evil, not just their own. We must look not at the dirty corners of our world where the shadows are deep enough to hide all sorts of unspeakable crimes, but at something wholesome and inherently good that has been eroded, ruined or destroyed by someone gambling news coverage will eventually turn it into one of those dark nasty corners.

Is FIFA Hell On Earth?

My candidate therefore, is Sepp Blatter, a man who looks but a theatrical costume away from becoming a comedy Nazi out of a Norman Wisdom film, head of FIFA. You don’t have to put Danish gambling laws to the test to bet on whether or not he’ll win re-election as President, he will, and continue his manifest misrule, possibly until Satan returns to collect his soul. Players who bring the game into disrepute are often punished with match-bans and fines, when Sepp does it, he just gets richer.

Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter

President of FIFA should be an honored place amongst heroes, a guiding hand that should keep the beautiful game beautiful, making sure big business interests do not ruin the fan’s enjoyment of this traditional working class sport. Unfortunately Blatter has managed to tarnish it with every touch, and continues to do so despite being told so often that he is. For Blatter FIFA isn’t about football, it’s about Sepp Blatter, Sepp Blatter’s ego and Sepp Blatter’s bank balance. That’s why he’s evil.

Telling women footballers to wear tighter shirts to make their game more popular was bad, having the Swiss police investigate him for corruption worse, but giving the 2022 World Cup to Qatar was perhaps the most blatant Blatter moment of self-interested madness. Of course if you accuse Sepp of taking a bribe from these hugely rich people who don’t really play football and have a country too hot to play it in, he’ll simply accuse you of being racist. According to Sepp all Europeans except him are racists.

Danish Transfer Window Changed

The slow poisoning of FIFA’s ethos has resulted in a system of bribery and corruption that would make the mafia doff its hat in awed respect, especially when Blatter launched an investigation into the allegations of corruption at FIFA, many of which were directly specifically at him, to be headed by none other than Sepp Blatter himself. Placing yourself at the head of an investigation into your own wrongdoing so publicly, rubbing the faces of your critics in their own powerlessness, is true evil.

FIFA as an organization struggles on despite Sepp’s presence, even managing to make some sensible decisions that don’t instantly feather their own nests. Take the Danish transfer window that was due to open five days after the closing date for teams to register players for UEFA next season. Rather than just wring their hands and tell Denmark to put up with it, they actually looked at the situation with some sense and simply allowed the transfer window to open up earlier to allow Danish teams time to bolster their squads.

Midtjylland will be particularly happy to hear this as they go into the Champions League needing a bit more talent on the team if they want any hope at all of getting out of the second qualifying round. What is so lamentable is that this sensible rational decision stands in such stark contrast to FIFA’s typical behavior, and whilst it’ll be a boon for those that like to bet on sports in Denmark, it leaves the rest of us wondering just how long we’ll have to see Sepp Blatter as FIFA President more than every before.

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