Dawn of a New Era with Mobile Gambling

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Being fast and offering easy access from anywhere, mobile casinos can be the future of gambling.

With the rise of technology the debate of whether it’s taking over our lives, is more up to date than ever before. Walking on the streets, sitting in a park or a coffee place, we can see people on their phones everywhere. It is rather scary how two people sit silently next to each other without saying a word.

Naturally there is always a next step to the innovation. In this case it seems to be mobile gambling. Many would say that spending your precious hours on silly games is just as bad as spending them playing online casino slots. US gambling laws even allow anyone to play poker on their hand held devices in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey.

The United States has more than five hundred Indian owned casinos that are of course highly monitored by the National Indian Gaming Commission. However being regulated doesn’t really matter in the sense of availability. All across the country anyone has access to gambling within a 15-20 minute drive from their towns.

Since the number of people who own smartphones is escalating quickly, the industry of app design and creation is on the rise. Lots of the companies primarily specialized in “normal” games are expanding their bases to mobile casinos. Given the technology and the channel to give people everything on their portable devices, the businesses seek to fill in all holes in the market.

An unsuccessful attempt was made to create a joint venture that provides a high level of online gaming. The mobile friendly casino was launched by Zynga in corporation with Bwin Party, a Gibraltar based digital entertainment company.

Unfortunately Zynga Plus Casino is closing down for now. Although many expect a comeback with joint ventures in corporation with India Tribes in the US and very possibly other sites to target audience outside of America.

Need for mobile casinos skyrocketed

The total income gained globally purely from online gaming sites like Bet365 , BetVictor , or Unibet is projected to be over $ 35 billion in 2015. Earnings from mobile casino gambling on the other hand are estimated to be over $100 billion by 2017.


The question is if companies with websites that are “traditional” game based are going to sit this one out, or are they getting in the race to take advantage of the remarkably successful industry of online casinos? Zynga’s attempt to get in the game was proof that this is not over yet.

The Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 is the only thing that stands between the multi-billion dollar Las Vegas and Macau based casinos and all the new competitors trying to get into the market.

How long can the laws keep the wolves away?

The current laws were created in order to stop the sharp upswing of online poker. Many of the web based poker and sports betting sites were shut down with a few exceptions like PokerStars. With our whole lives getting more and more internet based, is it healthy to try to stop our hobbies from going online?

Once the wolves, companies to expand their bases in online gaming, sense the weakness there is a great chance for it to collapse. The regulations are full of loopholes, mainly preventing the transfer of funds not gaming itself. However, until banks stand by the law it will keep functioning.

As it has happened to many laws in other areas once lobbyists decide to go against it, there is a big chance it will crack. The very positive aspect to this is that there will be no control over the free market, giving customers the best products possible.

As the number of those who use their mobile devices to access online internet casinos increases, the number of people visiting land-based casinos will plummet rapidly. This could be benefitial in the long term, offering a more cost effective deal. Since there are no extra expenses or various distractions, proffesional gamblers see this as the best way to play.

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