Debate Rages Over Casino Expansion

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Out-of-state business interests would develop casino in North Carolina

The Catawba Indian Tribe of South Carolina is making a bold push to open a new casino in neighboring North Carolina, enlisting a businessman with a long history of investment in video poker machines. Spokespeople from the tribe assert that the project will bring 4,000 jobs to an empty region, but opponents are not convinced of the upside.

In a quirk of American gambling laws, the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs must purchase and place the land in trust before it can be developed for casino purposes. While North Carolina would receive part of the casino’s revenue, many politicians and concerned citizens oppose it on social grounds.

Wallace Cheves rumored to involved

South Carolina video poker investor Wallace Cheves is reportedly negotiating with the Catawba’s to develop the project. The entrepreneur’s experience in gaming and in doing business with Indian tribes seems to make him a suitable candidate.

However, many in South Carolina view his connections to video poker with derision. Opponents argue that video machines are socially more harmful than American poker rooms. In addition, many politicians appear unwilling to allow an out-of-state Indian tribe to operate a casino in their state.

It looks like too many shady external business interests are attempting to exploit their state with an unwelcome investment.

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