Delaware Lags Behind in the Earnings Race for Online Gambling

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Online gambling gets off to a slow start over in Delaware, since its officials have announced that its figures for the first two months of operations are much lower than initially expected.

The released figures show rather sad earnings from the online gambling revenues of the US state totalling just $253,000 in the first two months of operation.

Since the US gambling laws were changed to allow for online gambling, many had high hopes of the revenue it would bring in. In Delaware’s case, it’s got quite a lot of catching up to do if it seeks to generate its target $5 million in the first year.

Since the state will collect 100% of the first $3.5 million generated in its online gaming revenue, it also means that casinos in the state of Delaware will not be seeing any income from the internet for quite some time.

Delaware gets off to a slow start in the online gambling race for revenues

Even though Delaware was the second state to legalize online gambling, it’s not being doing as well as other online casinos in the US.

The states of Nevada and New Jersey have seen several hundreds of players on their popular online gambling websites, whereas Delaware has seen a tiny number of 18 players at any given time, and only 4000 people had registered for online gaming.

Some remain optimistic about Delaware’s future, blaming gambling transaction issues and geolocation for the slow start in the state.

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