Cricket Betting in Goes Unchecked Even After Bookie Crackdown

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Despite police crackdown on bookies, trans-national betting and the Hawala network on cricket remains unchecked.

Back in 2013, Delhi Police had filed charges against bookmakers for fixing the bets on sports in India, most notably cricket.

However, despite the crackdown on the local bookmakers, many expect that the next three months will see heavy betting.

Cricket betting remains unchecked in India, even after police crackdown

According to a source: “This year’s IPL and international cricket matches in the next three months are expected to see heavy betting as black money notes are expected to be pumped into Satta for circulation.”

The RBI has opted to withdraw all currency notes dating back prior to 2005, which means many will have to go to the bank to change notes, which will require a proof of residence and ID.

It is because of this move by the RBI many expect the bookmakers to use large quantities of notes during the 2014 season.

Last year, a number of bookies and associates were arrested all over the country for violating Indian gambling laws around match-fixing, along with professional cricketers and high-profile names like Bollywood actor Vindoo Dara Singh.

It is highly possible that this year’s cricket season, will take place outside of India as a measure to avoid the current security demands that will be put in place for the Lok Sabha Elections, which coincide with the tournament.

This decision to take the cricket match abroad would also be a preferable move for a number of bookies.

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