Democratic Party Massively Favored by South Korea General Election Odds

  • The election will be held on schedule, April 15
  • President Moon’s popularity will tremendously help the Democratic Party
  • United Future Party is giving hope to conservatives
South Korea general election odds

Campaigning in South Korea is underway, with general elections to take place on April 15. Two main political blocks the Democratic Party and United Future Party are going head-to-head. Thus, it is the perfect time to check the South Korea general election odds and pick a potential winner.

According to online sportsbook news in South Korea, the polls are held every four years, with 300 members to be chosen for the 21st National Assembly. Seven parties are competing at South Korea general election odds, but only two have a chance to win most seats. President Moon and his ruling Democratic Party are surging, but they are facing a strong United Future opposition. The contest is very close and it is hard to predict, and that is why placing a bet on the potential winner is very intriguing.

The elections are ahead despite the current situation

It goes without saying that the main issue was about to disrupt the democratic process in South Korea is the current situation. However, as the curve is being flattened, the election race will go according to the schedule on April 15. But of course, the country will take some extraordinary measures to protect public health. All voters will have their temperatures checked and will receive hand sanitizer. The voting process will tale place for two days to reduce the crowd. Besides, candidates are not holding gatherings and the campaigns are only from distance.

South Korea general election odds
South Korea Elections are here.

The Democratic Party counts on Moon’s popularity

President Moon Jae-in’s Liberal Democratic Party looks to retain most seats in the legislature. It currently holds 129 seats, with 43% of the assembly, and it will likely win 39% of votes as per Nikkei Asian Review. For the center-left Party, this election is mostly about the midterm assessment of Moon’s administration. And, that is good news as the president’s approval ratings are skyrocketing. His diplomatic efforts with the US and North Korea are positively perceived and most of the young people are strongly backing him up.

President Moon’s popularity will be the major factor for the Democratic Party’s victory. Thus, 22BET Sportsbook provides a value of 1.1 at South Korea general election odds for the Democratic Party to win. However, that does not mean that the United Future Party cannot make  a shocking upset.

United Future Party is giving hope to conservatives

The right-leaning group the United Future Party was launched just a couple of months ago, with the merger of several conservatives parties. The Liberty Korea Party Chairman Hwang Kyo-ahn is currently the head of the new conservative block. The merge came to end the split of conservative politicians in the aftermath of President Park Geun-hye’s impeachment in 2016. Thus, the United Future Party holds 114 seats in the assembly until the election date.

Will the United future Party take over the Democratic Party on April 15? It is hard to tell, but online sportsbooks in South Korea expect it is less likely to happen. Therefore, the odds are 6.45 at 22BET Sportsbook, for United Future to win most seats.

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