Joe Exotic Pardon Predictions Are Back on the Market

  • Joe Exotic was sentenced to 22 years in prison
  • Donald Trump is predicted to issue a pardon
Joe Exotic Pardon Predictions

Joe Schreibvogel is seeking a presidential pardon from Donald Trump. The head of the state is ready to examine the request, prompting bookies to reopen the betting markets. With public encouragement and support from Donald Jr, Joe Exotic pardon predictions may come into fruition and very fast.

Hugely popular Netflix series “ Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” shed a new light on Maldonado-Passage’s criminal case. Former zoo operator received 22 years of imprisonment on several federal charges, including two counts of murder for hire. Following his plea for freedom, online sportsbooks in the US released some skeptical odds over his chances. 

Joe Exotic Pardon Predictions
Joe Exotic to receive a pardon by January 2021 (Yes) +575
Joe Exotic to receive a pardon by January 2021 (No) -1100

People root for Joe Exotic

Netflix’s bizarre seven-part documentary about trials and downfall of a tiger-breeder enjoys a viral success. It is quite hard to watch and even harder to stop watching. Joe Exotic and his sworn enemy Carole Baskin are practically household names and latest meme trendsetters. While Schreibvogel’s fate is every animal rights activist’s goal, the documentary is not an exposé.

Joe Exotic Pardon Predictions
This probably isn’t one of Joe’s tigers

Moreover, some viewers have a soft spot side for the “Tiger King” and demand his release. Joe Exotic pardon predictions hit online sportsbook news in the US when supporters started a petition to free him. In a matter of weeks, several celebrities joined them, expressing their sympathy all over social media.

Attention-loving Maldonado-Passage even receives thousands of letters from his new fans and impassioned viewers. Propelled by such massive interest, Bovada tipsters eventually went on with Exotic’s potential pardoning market and odds change daily.

Trump will set Joe Exotic pardon predictions in motion

In the context of criminal involvement, the wildly-gripping documentary in no way alleviates Joe’s culpability. Nonetheless, it’s hard to despise Exotic’s flamboyant and charming personality you initially fathomed, especially seeing him mired down in betrayal.

It’s not surprising Trump’s equally scandalous son sides with Joe’s controversial character. Known as a big cat lover himself, Donald Jr reasons upon a prospect of a pardon for “Tiger King”. Speaking on SiriusXM, he joked about backing the idea and putting a word for Exotic out of mere play. He also condemned the 22-year imprisonment verdict, calling it aggressive.

One way or another, the +1100 odds rate at the Bovada market is about to be swayed over by a Trump. Schreibvogel’s hopes took a big step forward when the president addressed his case during a briefing at the White House. Being out of the loop on the matter, he promised to take a look at pardoning Exotic. 

It is yet to be seen how will the head of the state react if he watches the show. After all, Joe ran for president against Trump in 2016. Whatsoever, he stood no chance for the spot and might even be a Trump supporter considering his love of guns. On a side note, he won’t be the first not innocent person to receive clemency from the current president. Don’t forget to check our latest review about Bovada Sportsbook before taking up on Joe Exotic pardon predictions.

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