Denmark Gambling Laws Delayed To Respect Islam

New Danish gambling laws to come into force with one month delay according to the regulator

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The Danish Gambling Authority officially announced that the new Danish gambling laws will take effect on February 1, 2012 and not January 1 as was expected previously.

The new set of regulations will govern three aspects of gambling in the country, including land-based betting venues, online betting and online casinos in Denmark. The new laws will liberalize the country’s gambling market and allow foreign operators to enter and compete.

Danish gaming market is considered to be highly attractive and many giant gambling operators are already setting up partnerships within Denmark to be among the first to cut into the juicy pie.

According to Denmark gambling news the reasons behind the delay attribute to several alterations submitted by the Danish Gambling Authority to the European Commission. The submitted changes focus on requirements for physical location of the gaming systems as well as the digital signature implementation process.

Another reason could be the announcement of user verification and digital signature company that it can’t provide the necessary modules by the deadline date. DanID, the operator behind the digital signature specialist NemID, announced that the company is late with foreign-based operator modules, which will be used for player logins and player identification.

Danish Gambling Authority plans to go ahead with the scheduled market opening on January 1, despite the delay. Verification and login procedures for online betting, land-based betting and online casino operators will be governed under additional terms until the expected modules are in place.

Among other conditions, operators will be required to validate registered players’ identity information and use alternatives to the digital signature including driver’s license and passport.

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