Does Alexandra Longová Have A Shot At A Medal In Rio?

Alexandra Longová of Slovakia

Archery, a method of killing things over distance by employment of a bow and arrow combination projectile weapon, has been around since very early on in human history, and indeed has featured in some of its most bloody episodes, Agincourt springs to mind, however these days it is a sport enjoyed by millions, and Alexandra Longová of Slovakia is off to the Rio Olympics and aiming for a medal in the Recurve bow discipline.

Alexandra Longová

  • Nationality – Slovak
  • Age – 22
  • Sport – Archery (Recurve)

Whilst modern firearms have made bows a little passe as weapons of war the physical prowess and steadiness of aim required has kept Archery around as a test of skill despite its replacement in hunting and combat by guns. Having recently seen a resurgence in popularity Archery has been part of the Olympic games since 1900, although its inclusion was patchy early on and indeed in between 1920 and 1972 was entirely absent. Luckily for Alexandra Longová it is, these days, a games mainstay event.

Shooting at targets 70m distance the matches consist of five sets each with winners getting two points and a drawn match getting competitors one point a piece, making it an exciting race to six points, and the single-arrow shoot offs for drawn matches after five sets are tense, nerve wracking affairs, but Alexandra Longová feels she’s ready for the pressure, and she’s definitely one to back if you’re apt to place a bet on sports in Slovakia at Bet365 this summer.

Archery At The Olympics? It’s Enough To Make You Quiver

Olympic Archery

  • Mainstay since 1972
  • 5 set matches over 70m
  • Rio Venue – Sambodromo

“There are extremely strong teams, notably from Korea and the United States,” Alexandra Longová acknowledges, “but I think I will be a worthy competitor.” Does that mean she thinks she can win? “I’ll give it everything and I can do it. Confidence is important.” And it has been confidence that she has demonstrated in major events around the world as well as what she attributes as the most important skills a successful archer requires, “consistency of physical and mental condition”.

Alexandra Longová of Slovakia

Can Alexandra Longová win in Rio?(Photo: Sport Center)

Her determination is manifest and whilst the conditions in Rio might be challenging despite it being winter in the Southern Hemisphere if you’re Slovakian gambling news headlines might be of her taking a medal, you’re not alone. Whilst only currently ranked 53rd in the world it is the rapid rise that draws the eye to Alexandra Longová and this year she’s hit form that makes her a bit of a dark horse in the race for those precious podium places in Rio.

Alexandra Longová Shows Improvement In Form For Rio

The Sambodromo, more often seen as the venue of Rio’s famous Carnival competition parades, will be the venue in Rio and with a credible 9th at the European Archery Championships in Nottingham just this May, matching her performance in Sofia during the European Grand Prix first leg, Alexandra Longová s improvement from her 22nd place finish in the 2015 World Archery Championships in Copenhagen is obvious and if you’re in Slovakian gambling laws of justice will see her improve more in Rio, you’re on the money.

Definitely worth a punt at Bet365 to get a medal she may not achieve gold this time round, but at just 22 years of age there’s every chance you’ll be seeing a lot more of this talented young athlete and as Matthew Durny, chairman of the Slovak Archery Association, said “In sport things can depend on luck, but luck favors the prepared.” Which sounds like a good description of Alexandra Longová who is ready for whatever Rio throws at her and who is peaking right on target.

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