Does Winning The Lottery Leads To Divorce?


Posted: April 15, 2023

Updated: April 15, 2023

  • Studes have shown some interesting statistics!
  • Does winning the lottery leads to divorce automatically?

Winning the lottery is a life-changing event more often than not, which comes with a significant financial windfall. While many dreams of winning the lottery, some wonder if the jackpot automatically leads to divorce. It’s an interesting question that has captured the attention of people from all walks of life for years. Let’s see if winning the lottery leads to divorce or not.

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Does Winning the Lottery Leads to Divorce?

On the surface, it may seem like winning the lottery should be a cause for celebration, and in many cases, it is. However, the history of gambling is full of unbelievable lottery stories, both lucky and unfortunate cases. Studies have shown that winning the jackpot can also lead to significant changes in a couple’s life that can put a strain on their relationships. According to research, the risk of divorce among lottery winners is higher than among average couples. The main reason why winning the lottery can lead to divorce is that it can change a person’s life drastically. 

Suddenly, the winner has access to a significant amount of money, which can change their lifestyle, habits, and priorities. This sudden change is overwhelming for most people, which can cause tension in their relationships. Another reason why winning the lottery can lead to separation is the power imbalances within a relationship. If one partner wins the lottery, they may suddenly have control over the family’s finances. This newfound power will most likely lead to resentment and mistrust in the marriage.

Furthermore, winning the lottery will attract unwanted attention from friends, and family members, which can also put a strain on a relationship. The newfound wealth may also appeal to gold diggers, scammers, and other opportunists, who seek to exploit the winner’s money. However, winning the lottery does not always lead to divorce. Many lottery winners are able to manage their newfound power and responsibility and maintain healthy relationships with their spouses. It depends on how the winner and their partner handle the changes that come with winning such immense amounts.

Researches Show …

Many people say if they win the lottery, they are out of there. They joke about leaving their families and spouses behind and enjoy their winning.

Does winning the lottery leads to divorce
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However, for some, it’s not a jest, and they go through with it. The results of a recent study show that when a woman wins a big prize, she is more likely to file for divorce soon after. Since mainly men joke around about leaving once they win, it is a surprising revelation. The study examined ten years following a jackpot win of millions of dollars.

According to research, wives of lottery winners are twice as likely to divorce within two years of winning. One interpretation of this pattern is that new wealth accelerated the dissolution of marriages that were already in the process of emotional separation. While lottery winnings may offer a disgruntled wife an economic opportunity to leave the marriage, male lottery winners had a different experience.

The surveyed husbands were less likely to divorce within ten years of winning the jackpot. According to the researchers, the risk of divorce fell by 6.0 percentage points in the ten years after receiving the winning, which is 40 percent less. 

For men, winning the lottery appears not only to reduce the risk of divorce but also to increase the likelihood that unmarried men will marry! Talking about surprising facts! According to the results, wealth increases men’s attractiveness as potential and current partners, though that is less of a shock. The statistics showed that a sizable lottery win increased the likelihood of an unmarried man getting a ring within five years by 30 percent. In fact, the men were more than 13 percent more likely to have a baby in 10 years than those who did not have a fortune fall unexpectedly into their laps!

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Does Winning the Lottery Always Leads to Divorce?

The idea of becoming an overnight millionaire is a dream that many of us harbor. However, according to online lottery sites in the UK, there are legit concerns that winning the lottery could lead to divorce, as sudden wealth is the greatest test. On the one hand, there is some evidence to suggest that winning the lottery can ruin relationships through disagreements, jealousy, tension, etc. Couples who lived on a budget before may find it most challenging to cope with the shift in their lives and resist temptations.

However, on the other hand, there are also many examples of couples who have successfully navigated the challenges of winning the lottery. In some cases, winning at online sites like TheLotter, the financial windfall has brought couples closer together, as they are able to pursue their dreams and aspirations with the help of money. Moreover, winning the lottery can provide couples with the financial stability and security that they need to weather difficult times, which can, in turn, strengthen their relationship. 

Couples Who Divorced after Winning

Denise and Thomas Rossi’s story should serve as a reminder, and it backs up the mentioned research. Denise won $13 million in 1996 but didn’t tell her husband about it. Instead, she filed for divorce only 11 days after winning, and Thomas only learned about it during the divorce process.

Does winning the lottery leads to divorce
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A judge ruled that Denise had violated California’s community property laws by concealing the winning and was forced to give all the money to Thomas. Everything that comes around goes around!

Leonard Tose was the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles football team when he won $10 million in the lottery in 1988. He and his wife Vicki divorced just a few years later, and the divorce settlement included a $1 million payment to his ex-wife.

Another formerly married couple, Lara and Roger Griffiths, won 1,8 million pounds in the UK National Lottery in 2006. However, they divorced just a couple of years later, and the divorce settlement, similar to the previous couple, included a $1 million payment to Lara.


In conclusion, winning the lottery can lead to divorce, but it’s not a given. It is no guarantee that the marriage will fail after receiving a sudden fortune. It all depends on how the winners and their partners handle the changes that come with winning huge amounts unexpectedly. Also, it may give the courage and financial support to end an already suffering marriage.

However, if they manage their newfound wealth responsibly and communicate effectively, winning the lottery can be a positive experience that strengthens their relationship. However, if they let the money change them and their priorities, it can lead to tension and resentment that will ultimately lead to divorce. Maybe the lottery curse is real.

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