Top Reasons Why Online Casinos Can Ban Players


Posted: April 14, 2023

Updated: April 14, 2023

  • Mistakes to avoid while playing online
  • Check out the top reasons why online casinos can ban players

It can be very frustrating when your favorite online casino blocks you overnight for seemingly no reason. In such cases, a gambler will be rightfully angry and may feel that they are doing this intentionally to sabotage them. However, it’s a different thing if you know you did something to deserve being blocked. Our article will help you avoid the mistakes that lead to bans. We have collected the top reasons why online casinos can ban players!

Online casinos need a good reason for blocking accounts, as prominent platforms would never do such a thing for fun unless they assume that some rule violation has occurred. If this happens to you, the first and most crucial thing is to stay calm and contact customer service. However, if you don’t want it to go that far, make sure you don’t make any of the mistakes below!

Why Can Casinos Ban You?

One of the top reasons why online casinos can ban players is the too many failed login attempts! That is a given since the same happens on almost every online platform. The casino tries to protect the player in case an unauthorized person wants to use the account. Online casinos have a security feature that detects several failed login attempts for a particular account, which usually indicates that hackers are trying to hack the player’s account. To avoid this, use a strong password and a two-step login, and don’t forget your username and password. If you did, ask for a new one!

top reasons why online casinos can ban players
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Failed verification is another valid reason. When you register with a casino, these websites usually require you to provide some form of identification. If you do not do this, the casino can rightfully block you. The casinos mainly protect themselves with this, as the purpose of the KYC policy is to make money laundering impossible. If you register on a legitimate casino’s site, read the confirmation email carefully and go through the verification process they ask you. It’s essential to choose a platform that has a license, like Bovada Casino!

Hacking is One of the Top Reasons Why Online Casinos Can Ban Players!

There are times when the casino protects you by blocking your account. When a hacker somehow gains access to an online casino’s database, defending the players before a bigger problem arises is a priority. Criminals are constantly trying to hack online casinos, but luckily, most use state-of-the-art security measures to prevent this from happening.

If any data breach occurs, it will be corrected immediately. Although casinos usually talk about this, if there is any hacking attempt, change your password and use two-step verification wherever possible! Online casino sites in the US offer every detail you need to know before playing!

Underage Gambling is a Big NO!

Online casinos have strict age verification processes to ensure that only adults are allowed to gamble. If they find an underage player, the casino will immediately ban them from using their services.

top reasons why online casinos can ban players
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Minors are prohibited from gambling in perhaps every country in the world, and online casino also tries to filter out those who are not yet legally allowed to play. 

Young minds are still developing and can’t tell the difference between right and wrong when it comes to gambling. Also, addiction develops easily. The casinos don’t just want to filter out young people out of kindness but also because they receive punishment for breaking the rules. So don’t play any gambling games if you are under 18. Even after that, play only with responsibility!

Don’t Do This!

Don’t duplicate accounts! One of the most important rules of online casinos is that each person has one user account. Casinos can track this based on IP address, so it is possible to prevent it. For example, a poker player sitting at the same online table with two accounts, thus favoring themselves, should expect to get blocked. However, sometimes it happens that you did not intend to cheat!

Let’s say that you already registered some time ago, forgot the password, and created a new one. Well, the casinos don’t really like that either. Neither do they allow several members of the family to create multiple accounts within a household? Always note where you register and with what information, and if a family member wants to play there too, tell them about the possibility of getting banned!

The Top Reasons Why Online Casinos Can Ban Players Include too Many Bonuses!

Collecting bonuses is what online casinos don’t really like. Today, all online casinos try various bonuses and opening promotions to attract players.

top reasons why online casinos can ban players
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This can often mean a notable prize, which, of course, the players immediately grab. Some people go too far and become greedy. For these players, one bonus is not enough! They want more and more. However, the casinos pay close attention to this. As you have learned from this article, accounts are monitored based on IP address.

If they notice several accounts from the same IP address receive more bonuses, it may result in a permanent ban. Even if someone from your family used the bonus under their own user account. As we said before, it is not advisable to create two or more accounts from one household, so we recommend that, no matter how good the bonus opportunity is, one of you choose another site! Here are the online casino bonus types explained in detail!

Too Big a Prize May Get You Blocked!

Casinos, whether land-based or online, need to balance their profits. If a player wins a large amount within a short period, the operators may start to worry. They will not ban you if you win a big tournament in poker or blackjack, but if you keep winning high amounts, it becomes suspicious.

top reasons why online casinos can ban players
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There is a good chance that these players are using some trick to get their winnings. The advice is obvious! Don’t cheat! If you haven’t cheated and still get restricted, contact customer service to clarify the situation.

Violation of the Terms and Conditions is a Serious Problem!

When you create an account at an online casino, you accept the General Terms and Conditions. The long text that you never read through. Don’t worry, this is often the case with others. Most people are not even aware of the basic rules. Online casinos have strict terms and conditions that players must adhere to. If a player violates any of these terms, such as creating multiple accounts or using fake personal information, the casino may ban them from using their services. Check out how digital ID works in online casinos!

They Can Block You for Suspicious Activities!

Bigger casinos use artificial intelligence to monitor all player activity and look for suspicious patterns. Indeed, there are robots and software that may be able to exploit continuous profits. Obviously, this is considered fraud, and AI is there to prevent it. So always play fair! Casinos always catch cheaters sooner or later. Some players may attempt to engage in fraudulent activities, such as using stolen credit cards or cooperating with other players. Online casinos take these activities very seriously and will not hesitate to ban players who engage in them.

top reasons why online casinos can ban players
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They also retaliate against suspicious banking activities! Money laundering is a big concern for gambling companies, and online casinos can be a particularly good breeding ground for those who want to launder their money in this way. Regardless of the country, casinos must report suspicious money movements. In the case of American sites, they must report in all cases if the amount of money reaches five thousand dollars. The solution is simple, do not use your online casino for money laundering.

The Top Reasons Why Online Casinos Can Ban Players Include Behavior Issues!

Online casinos expect their players to behave in a respectful and civil manner. If a player engages in abusive behavior, such as harassment or threats towards other players or staff members, the casino may ban them from using their services. Another reason is self-exclusion. Some players may choose to self-exclude from an online casino, either permanently or for a specified period. More specifically, they ask the casino to exclude them from playing on their sites for some time.

If a player attempts to rejoin the casino during the self-exclusion period, the casino will ban them from using their services. Problem Gambling belongs to this category as well. If a player exhibits signs of problem gambling, such as excessive betting or gambling with money they cannot afford to lose, online casinos can ban them from using their services to protect the player’s well-being. However, if it is not an issue, try the wide selection of games at Bovada Casino!

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