Dogecoin Gambling – The Latest Crypto Trend that will Drive You Crazy

  • Dogecoin's market price is exploded in April 2021
  • Where this financial amuck leads?
  • How to Invest in cryptocurrencies by the online casino sector
dogecoin gambling
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You must have heard about Bitcoin, or Ethereum gambling before unless you lived under a rock for a very long time. But you probably didn’t hear about Dogecoin gambling. The latest cryptocurrency that the whole internet is buzzing around. Even more, investing in Dogecoin probably one of the easiest ways to multiply your online savings. With considerable risk-taking of course…

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Dogecoin became quite popular after Elon Musk’s announcement. So, it’s not a surprise that online gambling sites in Canada also pay a lot of attention to this crazy but potential new sensation. Let us help you to become one of the firsts who make a fortune on Dogecoin gambling.

What is Dogecoin Exactly?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency created by Billy Markus, IBM’s American Adobe software engineer. Its biggest purpose was tipping and supporting online personalities on forums like Twitch, or Reddit until its market explosion in 2021. At this moment, it became the fourth most valuable cryptocurrency based on the market volume and caps.

dogecoin gambling and paymnet methods are real
No one really expected Dogecoin’s huge success – Image source: Deal Drop Images, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons This image was originally posted to Flickr

Is Dogecoin Gambling a Thing at this Moment?

Unfortunately, there are very few online casino sites in Canada that accept Dogecoin as a deposit method. Thus, Dogecoin gambling will wait for the fame it deserves. Currently, there are only a few crypto-based poker sites where you can use them. Anyhow, if its market price follows the current tendency it’s only a matter of time that Dogecoin will appear on Europe’s big gambling sites like the BitStarz Casino.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency by market caps and their prices (05.05.21.), according to CoinMarketCap
Name Price Market Cap
1. Bitcoin $56,897.19


2. Ethereum $3,556.29


3. Binance Coin $634.48


4. Dogecoin $0.5969 $77,157,312,108
5. XRP
6. Tether $0.9999 $53,565,209,361
7. Cardano $1.62


8. Polkadot $41.00 $37,630,470,948
9. Bitcoin Cash $1,526.03 $26,717,094,847
10. Litecoin


What is the Current Dogecoin Price?

This year’s Spring, Dogecoin jumped a whopping 400% under a single week. After this increase, Dogecoin’s market volume became more than $70 billion. Meanwhile, it became the fourth most valuable cryptocurrency. Dogecoin surmounted Tether and even XRP, and no one really knows when the financial amuck will stop. In fact, Dogecoin didn’t really represent any market value until the past years. Then, it stopped at approximately $0.10. The big explosion happened in the past months mostly in April as Dogecoin’s price became nearly $0,5. Even more, its growth still not stopped. At this moment as you can see in the table below it can reach $0.6 any moment.

Will Dogecoin Reach $1? – Short-term Market Predictions

According to the current market behavior, it’s very likely that Dogecoin will reach $1 before the end of 2021. On the other hand, it follows the same pattern as Bitcoin or Ethereum a decade ago.

But how large will the Dogecoin bubble grow? Only time can decide. One way or another, stay tuned with BitStarz or at the other crypto-based online casinos to ensure that you won’t miss this opportunity. Imagine that your account balance’s value is growing hour by hour. Still, we must admit that investing in Dogecoin is gambling by itself. So, make sure to sell your coins at the right time.

dogecoin gambling
Just “WOW”… – Image source: Deal Drop Images, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Dogecoin gambling in the long-term

Based on the experts’ opinion it’s quite early to cheer for Dogecoin’s, or even Ethereum’s success. After the fame disappears the market will also feel financial consequences. So, even if you gamble at online betting sites in Germany, or with stock exchanges, always follow the principles of responsible gambling.

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