Donald Trump Can Win Another Term – A New Betting Pick


Posted: May 29, 2024

Updated: May 29, 2024

  • Trump is leading against Biden
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  • Donald Trump can win another term

Today we are going to give you the good or bad news, based on which political side you are on. Donald Trump can win another term, and currently, he is leading the polls against Joe Biden. Kenedy is no longer in the possible picture when we are looking at the enormous differences in supporters. Essentially, we believe that this is going to be a second Trump term.

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A great day for some, and a nightmare for another. We are here to share our independent opinion on the recent changes in the US political atmosphere. Donald Trump can win another term, and this is an update on our previous opinion. It seems that we are going to have another four years of Donald Trump domination. Our independent opinions are solely serving the potential benefits bettors may receive by registering at some of the online sportsbook sites in the US that host political betting odds.

Previously, we recommended Biden as a safe bet, but it seems that the tides have turned. Now everyone has to bet on Donald Trump if they wish to secure their cash. From the analytical, a double-bet on both of them might be valuable, with the odds favoring Donald Trump this time.

Confirmed: Donald Trump Can Win Another Term

Can Donald Trump become President? – This question has been debated for the last few years. Up until this month, we believed that nothing could truly bring Trump’s success back. After all, he had so many strange cases. However, it seems that our theory is faltering about Trump’s popularity. It seems that people would rather have another era from Trump than to have a second Joe Biden term.

While neither of them seems to be too popular with the average American citizen, at the same time? This is all they can pick from, and it seems that the majority would rather have Trump handle the current world situation than have Biden finish the job. According to CBS News, NATO has started to prepare for a Trump Presidency. This means that the likelihood is pretty confirmed. If you are interested in wagering, then register at Bovada Sportsbook.

Trump everywhere

Who Are The Voters?

So, what changed? So far everyone hated Trump, and now all of a sudden people believe in him? Well, it is not truly about Trump. Essentially, some people believe that Biden does not pay attention to the right thing. Thus, these large groups are going to support Donald Trump, if their voice is not heard under Biden. This is as simple as it gets. We have to understand that this is not a sole battle between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Rather, this is a tribal conversion between the Republic philosophy paired with the Democrat ideologies. Putting it even more simply: The rich and content will support Trump. Biden’s party wants to open doors for more freedom, but that will come at the loss of safety and comfort from the rich. According to the FT, the tech donors have started to warm up to Trump, and he also started to cooperate with the black community.

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The Opposition – Donald Trump Can Win Another Term

Now that we have talked about the general situation, let’s continue with his opposition. Counting the whole party of Democrats, and the independent offices. He has many enemies even within the Republican party. He has decided to place some of the Republican politicians into his office, and in response, they decided to travel to a different place on Earth.

Even the Republican Debate was all about trying to alienate Trump from popularity. But exactly as we said, it made him look like an adult compared to clowning children. Since then, Donald Trump went to jail, released his book, and started his second term campaign. It seems that nothing is going to matter legally, and he has the advantage in this situation.

Bet on Trump to win

An Independent Observation

Now that we stated, yes. Donald Trump can win another term. This is our fully independent opinion after looking at the statistics. Simply, his opponents believed that all of the jail and bad things against him were relevant enough for them to not push it. However, Trump only needed a moment of silence to resurface. Showing his nice face, he managed to find the everyday problems of Americans who already have an established life.

Speaking out for them, and offering to solve the annoying problems in their lives, he offers much more than Biden, who is supporting a country half of the US is not even aware of. This is the sad truth of America. Despite not taking sides, we see that this is not a happy election for anyone. To learn the full story of Trump, take a look at our Donald Trump political post for 2024.

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What Are The Odds? – Donald Trump Can Win Another Term

Now that we over-explained the topic, let’s chill down and talk about the chances and the betting odds. First things first, let’s speak to those who are concerned about the results. According to CNN, Trump is at 49% while Biden is at 45%. This 4% is a lot, and if both of them start to campaign, then they will receive roughly the same amount of supporters. Thus, Trump has a 4% advantage over Biden.

This is a gigantic advantage when we are talking about a democratic process such as the elections. The only difference that might change would be Kenedy leaving, and encouraging his voters to vote on someone else. However, that would erase him from politics forever. There are two outcomes: A stream of Kenedy voters going to Biden, or Trump winning.

  • Trump to win: 1.667

2024 US political betting picks

Bet On The 2024 US Politics

Now that you understand the essence of the betting scene and the fact that Donald Trump can win another term, against all the odds. We have all the tools to be able to get some cash out of politics. If you believe that Trump’s victory is already set in stone, then you might want to wager on his victory, even if you are with or against him.

Betting is not about politics, but your ability to guess future events, even if those events are not something you are truly happy about. In essence, betting just gives us a chance to turn our guesses and predictions into some cash, as long as we are lucky with our guess. But keep in mind that you should always stay responsible, and play with a safe betting budget. To wager, all you have to do is to register at Bovada Sportsbook.

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