Donald Trump For President Just 6/1? Okay NOW I’m Scared

Donald Trump presidency odds

Donald Trump for President
• 6/1 to take White House
• 5/2 to get Republican nomination
• Hillary still comfortably ahead

Of all the people running for the White House the campaign of Donald Trump for president has been the most controversial as the big mouthed vanity candidate has shock-jocked his way into the lead in the polls on the Republican side, but should we really be afraid of a Trump presidency or is it just window dressing kept alive by the press as they wait patiently for Hillary to inevitably become President in 2016?

Irrational phobias give those of us with justified fears a bad name. The fear of heights, enclosed spaces or spiders (all of which are perfectly sensible) apparently ranked alongside those deluded fools who go into an hysterical tizzy when faced with shirt buttons, feathers or clowns. Their silly phobias detracting from the realistic, life threatening circumstances of which most of us are rightfully frightened, be it plummeting to one’s death, getting buried alive or being bitten by something poisonous.

I’m gambling news that fears come in all shapes and sizes will not surprise you. We all go through a fear of rejection when we fall in love, we all have to tightly grip our fear as our children do something potentially dangerous before our eyes, and have all suffered that post-situational fear that pervades our very soul when we realize just how close we came to getting hit by that car crossing the road. What is rare amongst these ubiquitous moments of fear is an irrational fear becoming rational, well…….it was until the candidacy of Donald Trump for president.

It is all but impossible to adequately describe just what a ghastly creeping sense of dread ripples down your spine when you open up any of the top UK online sportsbooks to find that “Donald Trump For President” is not now a joke bumpersticker but an actual possibility, however tiny. Discovering Donald Trump is third favorite to win the White House in 2016 is like finding a dog turd in your cheese burger, sure it might not change the overall taste, but there’s no way you’re going to stomach it after the first bite.

Third Favorite For The White House; Donald Trump??

Donald Trump candidacy

Could Trump really become the president of the United States? (Photo: KTLA)

Having Donald Trump for president of the United States would be a gift for the late night comedy show hosts, but an absolutely nightmare for the rest of us. Can you imagine Donald Trump in a room with Vladimir Putin? That’s World War III right there folks, no “ifs” “buts” or “maybes”, and whilst it may still be unlikely he’ll get there, when top websites like Bet365 are offering just 6/1 on his candidacy we all have to start being just a little bit afraid. He should have been a campaign joke, not front runner.

His racist, alarmist, bigoted rhetoric is going down awfully well with those parts of American society that are threatened by intelligence, culture and brown people. His opening salvo was against Mexicans, in which he pretty much dismissed them all as drug mules and rapists, but he has since turned his attention to the refugees from the warzones of the Middle East, because building on the Islamaphobia developed during the Bush era is just sensible marketing as far as “Donald Trump For President” is concerned, and unfortunately like a bet on sports in US, it’s more popular than is at all healthy.

His recent statements expressing the view that the US should halt the entrance of all Muslims in light of the ongoing war against ISIS and terrorist attacks in Europe, you would think, would instantly damn him to the outer circles of political hell, dismissed as a kook, a crazy, a lunatic, but instead he just gets more popular with that braindead fearful portion of the population and continues to lead the Republican Nomination field in the polls by a clear margin yet still just 5/2 to get it behind Marco Rubio on 11/8.

Donald Trump For President? Not If Hillary Has Her Way

Hillary Clinton

Let’s hope Hillary wins… (Photo: Watching America)

Thankfully he’s running against Hillary Clinton who, despite being utterly ghastly and suffering from restful-bitch-face, is going to be the choice of far more than will vote Donald Trump for president next November. Minorities and women will vote for her in such numbers, simply because the Republicans are all sexist and racist, that this is still her election to lose, but Trump’s continued presence says so much about the US political system that we should all be very afraid.

Donald Trump for president should have remained a silly joke, not become a frightening reality, and people’s reactions have become ever more telling. You know something is wrong when NFL stars are taking time out from beating their girlfriends and jacking themselves up with roids to say that someone is too ignorant to be President, because if there’s a group of people that know all about bigoted ignorance, it’s NFL players. Just ask the gay ones.

Bet365 has Trump at 6/1 in third place behind Marco Rubio on 4/1 and Hillary who is out in the lead on 8/11, and despite US gambling laws being just somewhat behind the times you can bet there will be more than a few people who’ll back Donald Trump for president just on the off-chance Hillary dies and Bernie Sanders (the only democrat Trump could feasible beat) gets the democratic nomination. Thankfully for us all the nightmare will pass, our fears will be unfounded, and Donald Trump will never be President of the United States. Insh’Allah.

For those of you of a right-wing persuasion who feel this article is slanted by my own political views I shall now pander to you horrifically by providing this video clip of Donald Trump when he was young.

A young Trump (Video: YouTube)

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