Donald Trump’s Plastic Surgeries: 3 Realistic Options by the Bookies

  • Stormy Daniels and Trump’s ex-wife said Trump has a small penis
  • President Trump is cursed as the little hands’ man
  • His hairstyle is a result of scalp reduction surgery
Donald Trump's Plastic Surgeries

President Donald Trump is arguably one of the most photographed and known people on the planet. Therefore, it might be an option that in order to improve his looks, he might decide to do penis and hands enlargement plastic surgeries. He also might decide to confirm he already did surgery to have a better hairstyle.

Online sportsbook news in the United States and many TV shows have discussed President Trump’s hairstyle, fingers, and even penis. The 72-year-old President seems to be interested to look younger and stronger to the American people.

The bookies have made it available for you to bet on Trump to surgically enhance his hands and penis, together with betting on him to confirm that he underwent a hair surgery.

Stormy Daniels and Trump’s ex-wife said he has a small penis

Donald Trump’s Plastic Surgeries
Stormy Daniels

The adult film star Stormy Daniels has described Trump’s private parts as “smaller than average” in her “Full Disclosure” book. She also said his penis was “like the mushroom character of Mario Kart.” On the other hand, it has been rumored that Trump’s ex-wife Ivana claimed that he took drugs for 30 years to enlarge his small penis.

Instead of continuing to take pills, President Trump might decide to surgically enlarge his penis with +5000 odds, which you can check out at 22Bet Sportsbook. If he does that, he will be one of more than 45,000 people who surgically enlarged their penises worldwide in the last five years according to The Guardian.

Trump cursed as little hands’ man

The issue of Trump’s small hands goes back to the republican primaries 2016, when Senator Marco Rubio of Florida mocked Donald Trump for having small hands. Marco Rubio then implied that another body part of Donald Trump might be similarly small.

Internet sportsbook news in the United States claim that Trump is afraid that he will have the curse of the little hands’ man for the rest of his life. You think that is absurd? What about the Washington Post finding out lately that Trump’s aides have been using Photoshop to make his fingers slightly longer.

Do you think he will decide to end the curse once and for all by surgically enhancing his hands? You can bet on that with +50,000 odds.

Trump’s hairstyle could be a result of scalp reduction surgery

Interestingly there are many theories about Trump’s hair. Some think Trump’s hair is a wig, others believe he uses a gallon of hairspray every day to make it sandy. Whereas, the author and journalist Michael Wolff claims in his book “Fire and Fury” that Trump’s odd blancmange coiffure is the result of a painful scalp reduction surgery in the 1980s.

President Trump denied that he underwent a hair surgery ever in the past. Yet rumors are spreading that the hair surgery has pushed his bald spot back. That is why his hair looks like a golden helmet. If rumors keep spreading, you can bet on Trump to confirm he had a hair surgery in the past. This has +500 odds.

You can find out more about 22Bets here.

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