Don’t Bet On The Republicans To Convict Donald Trump

  • Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial DOA In US Senate
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  • Former President Remains At 6/1 In 2024 Election Odds
Bet On The Republicans

Just when you think the only bet on US politics available is where Joe Biden will visit first, the Senate contradicts you. Obviously, you shouldn’t bet on the Republicans to convict Donald Trump, that’s ridiculous. However, there are some interesting opportunities when it comes to trying to guess how many Republicans will jump ship. Online betting sites in the US, Bovada amongst them, offer a range of odds on the US senate voting permutations. So let’s check them out.

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Despite the large quantity of evidence suggesting Donald Trump was a direct influence on events Republicans senators won’t convict him. They’ve no interest in doing so and have said as much. Seventeen Republican senators (and all the Democrats) would need to vote for conviction for it to pass. There is just no sign whatsoever that will happen. Indeed, far from trying to distance itself from Donald Trump, you can bet on the Republicans standing by their man. It’s quite perplexing.

You would think in order to win back majority support in the midterms you could bet on the Republicans changing. Trying to move to the center a little more. It seems so obvious. Sadly that doesn’t seem to be on their agenda. The minority leader in the House met with Donald Trump this week. Showing fealty to the great leader. It’s not a good sign. It’s also why the former President remains 6/1 at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada to win again in 2024.

Odds On The 2024 US Presidential Election Still Feature Trump

Rather than admit any wrongdoing or error in judgment you can bet on the Republicans to stonewall. They might appear a little blind to reality, but that’s okay. The seventy-four million Americans who voted for Donald Trump last November won’t mind. They are the people the Republicans are trying to cling on to, to keep energized. Whether they can do that all the way through the midterms is questionable. Jim Jordan has already signaled he’s bowing out in 2022.

Bet On Trump Impeachment Trial

Some Republicans know this isn’t going to play with their voters. They’ll find it hard to simply sweep the riot in the Capitol under the carpet. However, they also know without the support of their party it won’t matter either way. So, the vast majority of republicans have looked at the odds on the midterms and fallen into line. Anyone in the US gambling laws apply to former Presidents may find it hard to understand why they don’t. Just don’t bet on the Republicans explaining it. 

Bet On The Republicans
Only time can decide what the future holds for Republicans

Bet On The Republicans Backing Trump At Bovada

Right now online bookies in the US like Bovada think only 54 votes against Trump will be forthcoming. That gets a neat 19/17 on their books. 55-59 gets 8/7 and the 65 or more they need to convict him? Just 33/1. Donald Trump will, in effect, get away with it, aided and abetted by the Republicans. Don’t bet on Republicans demonstrating any shame at this perverse betrayal of democracy. It won’t be the first time they’ve bent reality to suit their own electoral agenda.

Bet On Number Of Votes In Senate Trial

  • 65+ – 33/1 
  • 60-64 – 27/2
  • < 51 – 11/1
  • 55-59 – 8/7
  • 52-54 – 19/17

Naturally, with that traditional bet on sports in the US, the Super Bowl, coming up there are nicer things to wager on. However, democracy does underpin the entire foundations of the United States and to see those that attack it simply allowed to go free seems somehow very anti-American. Not that you should bet on the Democrats to highlight that effectively. Just as you can bet on the Republicans not to back down or cave in, the odds are the Democrats will do just that.

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We take a look at why you can bet on the Republicans to ignore the crimes of Donald Trump and refuse to convict him in the US Senate.

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