Jackpot Lottery Numbers Underline Duality Of Life On Earth

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Jackpot Lottery Numbers

Philosophers have spent centuries attempting to gain an understanding of existence. They delve into the depths of thought and consideration looking for the secrets to our lives. However, you need not pour over ancient texts to understand the sheer either/or nature of the universe. The examples litter our reality. Indeed sometimes even progressive jackpot lotteries can play a role in highlighting this dichotomy. Jackpot lottery numbers might not be binary but our world really is.  

We, as a species, live in a very black and white world. Things are either on or off, up or down, good or bad. Some consider this simplistic, but it’s hard to argue. When a bunch of spotty geeks on Reddit can shake the very foundations of the financial world it seems quite obvious. They’d not get away with it in a nuanced universe. But in ours? No problem. So everyone is okay with the basic idea that they either will, or won’t, hit upon the jackpot lottery numbers this time.

Naturally, everyone seeking the best lottery jackpots hopes they’ll win. However, they are realistic in their assessment of their chances. They may choose the jackpot lottery numbers, they may not. It’s that simple. Some take this even further believing that luck swings back and forth in the same manner. They could be right. Certainly, Anthony Dowe has every reason to believe so. He has experienced firsthand the duality of this existence of ours all in but a single Saturday.  

Oh Deer I’ve Won The Lottery

Driving his brand new Kia K5, an aerodynamic four-door saloon, Anthony was on his way to work. However, rather than arriving to show his new car to colleagues he instead encountered some obstacles. In one of those unfortunate instances we all experience from time to time, his car collided with several deer. This is not a pleasant experience. Especially not for the car. Anthony himself was less than pleased. He admits he “got mad” and then simply returned home to bed. 

“I just got mad, went home, got into bed and went to sleep.” 

  • Anthony Dowe – Mega Millions Winner

When he awoke Anthony checked his jackpot lottery numbers and found, to his surprise, they’d come up. He had won $2m. The binary nature of the universe thrown into stark contrast instantly. The best lottery to play is always the one you win, but to win in such circumstance is quite the swing in fortune. Lucky and unlucky are as much a part of that duality we exist in as life and death. Few of us get such a rapid turnaround with the extremes rarely occurring so close together.   

Jackpot Lottery Numbers
Which are your favorite numbers – Image source: Santeri Viinamäki, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Grab Your Jackpot Lottery Numbers At Lotto Agent

Even the very best lottery jackpot reviews will agree this is a remarkable example of fate’s seesaw. Not only can Anthony now pay for repairs to his vehicle he can also finish paying for it. Likewise, he’ll foot the bill for some work around his parent’s house. He will also save some of the money for a rainy day. Given he can’t count on getting the jackpot lottery numbers again but might encounter more deer on the way to work, this seems wise. He may need them soon enough.

So as you peruse Lotto Agent looking at the best lottery jackpot reviews available remember, you’ll either win or you won’t. The odds, always astronomical in lottery gambling, don’t actually apply. The universe isn’t interested in tiny percentages or massive chances, it only knows this or that. A state of being or none. Nothing else. Anthony Dowe got a lesson in this recently and we can all hope to be as lucky as he was. Whilst, of course, avoiding being as unlucky as the deer he hit.


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We take a look at the case of Anthony Dowe who proved in one day the universe in which we live is a binary place of two extremes.

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