New UGW Dates: Expert Conference and Gambling Solutions Exhibition

  • New updates for Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021
  • Two sections: expert conference & gaming exhibition
  • New UGW dates: 24 February & 23-24 March
New UGW dates, Ukrainian Gaming Week announcements, Ukrainian Gaming Week expo and conference

Watch out: there are new UGW dates as the event has a new form to follow. While the UGW Expert Conference will take place in February, we will get to enjoy the large-scale Ukrainian Gaming Week Gambling Exhibition in March.

Smile-Expo analyzed the requests of the gambling community and the interests of all market players. As a result of this investigation, they decided to change the format of the Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021. This means that instead of one specialized event, the company will separately organize an expert conference and an exhibition of solutions for the gambling industry.

New UGW Dates: About the Conference

  • UGW conference: program, features, and top speakers
  • Date: February 24, 2021
  • Location: Premier Palace Hotel, Kyiv

UGW conference is a unique platform for the exchange of knowledge about the launch, development, and formation of the Ukrainian gambling market. Informative presentations, panel discussions, and productive networking will welcome guests of the event. The speakers will be representatives of state authorities, members of specialized associations, Ukrainian and foreign specialists of various profiles.

The event will feature:

  • Ivan Rudyi – Chairman of the Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries.
  • Taras Tarasenko – People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the 9th session, a member of the Servant of the People faction.
  • Marian Zablotskyi – Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, representative of the Servant of the People faction.
  • Ilya Machavariani – Senior Partner at 4H consulting agency.
  • Anton Kuchukhidze – Head of the Gambling Association of Ukraine.

The gambling experts will analyze the main provisions of the law on the regulation of gambling activities in Ukraine. In addition, they will talk about the requirements for advertising gambling establishments. Furthermore, we can also expect discussions about the prospects for the development of the industry. Moreover, experts will present an anti-crisis strategy for bookmakers. In this, they will explain how to form a positive image of the gambling business among the population, as well as addressing other crucial topics.

A complete list of speakers and topics of their presentations can be found on the official website of the Ukrainian Gaming Week.

Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021 Exhibition: Dates and Program

Because of obvious reasons, there are several restrictions are in different parts of the world. These countries include Great Britain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, etc. In some countries, even stricter requirements are established for crossing the state border. Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021 exhibition will become the largest industry event after the legalization of the gambling business. As such, this event will unite the leaders of the global gambling market. However, foreign participants and guests may experience difficulties making international travels at this time. Thus, they might not have the opportunity to come to Ukraine on the dates previously announced for the exhibition. Obviously, this would make it impossible to hold the event on the planned scale.

Taking into account the current circumstances, the organizer of Ukrainian Gaming Week – Smile-Expo international company – decided to reschedule the specialized event to the spring of 2021.

New UGW dates for the exhibition

  • March 23-24.
  • Venue: KyivExpoPlaza

The decision of rescheduling the event and choosing a new location will enable even more participants and guests to join the show.

Activities for Exhibition Attendees: UGW 2021 Program Schedule

New UGW dates for gambling exhibition in UkraineUkrainian Gaming Week 2021 program includes a two-day exhibition, an open lecture zone, UGW Awards ceremony, and a party. The event will feature cutting-edge products and services for the gambling industry. Ukrainian and international companies will become the exhibitors. They will feature hardware manufacturers, software developers, payment aggregators, affiliate programs, etc. At the open lecture hall, gambling experts will discuss crucial issues for the industry, analyze practical cases, and present new products. On the first day of the event – March 23 – UGW Awards will award the representatives of the gambling industry who have achieved the greatest success. The winners will be awarded at a private party.

Don’t miss your last chance to buy tickets to UGW conference at the best price!

Starting from February 1, the price on “Conference” category tickets will be increased to 8,000 UAH, and on VIP category – up to 10,000 UAH. Nevertheless, those guests who manage to register before the end of January will be able to buy tickets at the most favorable price. The price of tickets in the “Conference” category will be 5,000 UAH until January 31. Meanwhile, the VIP tickets will cost 8,000 UAH. Please note that all UGW conference attendees automatically get a ticket to the Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021 exhibition. Join the industry events by Smile-Expo and participate in the revival of the legal gambling market in Ukraine!

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Program and registration:

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