DraftKings and MLB Teams Soon About to Sign a Partnership

Draft Kings Major League Baseball

DraftKings and MLB teams will work on enriching the offer for the fantasy sports lovers with some exclusive baseball content.

Many pages were written about the fantasy sports these days by the online gambling sites in the US. Yet this fast growing gaming sector doesn’t stop with the activities. The daily fantasy sports giant DraftKings announced last Friday that they will sign a contract with 27 teams from the Major League Baseball (MLB). This will be a part of the fantasy baseball offer that the company will provide starting form next season.

• 27 baseball teams to accept the offer by DraftKing
• MLB sees this as a great step forward in the promotion of the League
• The competition between DraftKings and FanDuel is getting stronger

This partnership will allow the gamers to have access to some exlusive contents on the DraftKings iPhone application as well as integration with Major League Baseball’s At Bat app. The DraftKings application will notify players when one of their hitters is coming to bat, and with the At Bat application they have the chance for a live look-in of the player’s turn at the plate. On August 15 in Las Vegas starts the fantasy baseball world championship with 80 participants competing for an amazing award of USD 4 million. This will be a perfect opportunity for the DraftKings to promote their innovations for the following year.

Several teams out of the DraftKings and MLB teams partnership

Seattle Mariners Arizona Diamondbacks Toronto Blue Jays no

Where state laws forbid fantasy sports, MLB teams can’t be an exception

As online gambling news in the US report, the satisfaction from the reached agreement between DraftKings and MLB teams, which is supposed to be made official with a contract signed before the beginning of the next season can be seen on both sides. Jason Robins, chief executive of the DraftKings, stated to the media that “baseball is one of the fastest-growing categories in daily fantasy sports, said Jason Robins, chief executive of DraftKings. Our MLB partnerships ensure that we will continue to offer the sport’s most engaging fantasy games and experiences.”

However, there are several teams that did not join the initiative proposed by the DraftKings. Partners of the fantasy sports giant won’t be the teams that come from states in which the daily fantasy sports are prohibited as well as from Toronto. Thus Seattle Mariners and Arizona Diamondbacks will not join the DraftKings and MLB teams partnership because in these states the fantasy games are by law considered to be forms of gambling. There was no information as to why the Toronto Blue Jays were not included in the new “fantasy baseball coalition.”

The DraftKings and MLB teams deal more attractive than the FanDuel-NBA one?

NBA FanDuel cooperation

FanDuel scored big-time by signing with the NBA

According to the agreement reached between the DraftKings and MLB teams, gambling news report that the fantasy sports provider could offer to the gamers co-branded MLB daily fantasy sports games. In addition, they can extend its participation with MLB teams in order to provide some extraordinary market-specific experiences. The press releases sent from both sides didn’t forget to underline that this agreement is the “most comprehensive league partnership in daily fantasy sports history.” And this is not without reason: it just shows how big the competition between the two leaders in the fantasy sports industry in the US really is.

It is not a secret that FunDuel and DraftKings are in a constant competitive race concerning the leadership in the fantasy games sector. And it is also well known that FanDuel signed a 4-year contract for partnership with the National Basketball Association (NBA) – which many considered to be the one of the most important events in the fantasy sports industry. These opinions were further supported by the fact that the NBA is practically financing, and therefore investing in FanDuel.

The partnership between DraftKings and MLB teams bears a history in the fantasy world. In an article in the Washington Post it was recently said that Major League Baseball was the first league that joined the fantasy game industry when they purchased some stake in DraftKings in early 2013. On Friday 31, the MLB confirmed this information. However the article didn’t expose any further details concerning this transactions, but it does make it more understandable the deal between DraftKings and MLB teams is soon about to become official.

However, no matter which side will take the biggest piece from the “fantasy games cake”, these contracts that Draftkings and FunDuel made with two of the greatest leagues in the US, are a plausible indication that the industry will progress rapidly in the years to come. As a representative of the community of fantasy sports players, Daily Fantasy Café, said: “the daily fantasy industry as whole is encouraged and enthused by the league partnerships with DraftKings and FanDuel. These partnerships increase awareness and legitimize the industry even further.”

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