Drake And Elon Musk New Baby Odds – How To Bet Today?


Posted: December 18, 2023

Updated: December 18, 2023

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We are going to talk about the Drake and Elon Musk new baby odds. These are some of the greatest prompts in the world of celebrity betting. At least, this time it is not about the Kardashians. But don’t worry! Soon we can also predict the next boyfriend of Kim. And of course, we also have bets running on Kanye West, and mostly on politicians like Biden and his controversial son, Hunter.

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Today we are going to talk about the Drak and Elon Musk new baby odds. This means that once more, we are here to intrude into the lives of celebrities and figure out whether they will have a new child by the end of the next year or not. Don’t worry! Because this betting is going to be recurring. But can you blame the bookies? Elon Musk has a very famous, or rather, infamous dating history.

At the same time, we all know how Drake talks about his relationships too. In conclusion, the online sportsbook sites in the US are all wondering about the same thing: Are they going to become fathers again? Elon Musk at this point has more children than states in the US. And Drake? Well, Adonis looks healthy so far! Let’s see if there will be a Don Huan too!

About The Drake And Elon Musk New Baby Odds

First things first, let us explain why these bets exist. While many people would not enjoy betting on the private lives of the celebrities. In truth? It is one of the best ways to make bets. We are not even over Elon Musk’s secret child news, but we already have rumors about yet another child coming. When we are given the chance to bet on the reactions and actions of celebrities, we have two main principles;

  • One is the fact that we are no celebrities. We do not understand how much PR truly matters at the time. 
  • Two, being the fact that we know them very well if we are fans. Thus, we can use our experience and intuition, mixed with a chaotic unpredictable event. We highly recommend you try it out by registering at Bovada!

On North West Vs Adonis Graham

Before we start to report about the Drake and Elon Musk new baby odds. First, let us take a little break to get into one of the hottest topics on TikTok. The New Kanye West album in 2024 is coming soon, and at the premiere concert, we saw something interesting. It was Kanye West’s daughter, North West singing on the stage. And she is not bad! She had the voice, she had bars, she had the looks, the moves.

Generally, she is a born rapper or at least an R&B artist. According to BCK Online, she is even going to have her part on her father’s new album. This sparked a community argument, which sought to put shade on Drake’s son, Adonis. He tried to release a rap song, and while it was not that bad… At the same time? Yeah, North was better.

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First Drake – Drake And Elon Musk New Baby Odds

We all know that Drake has a sort of “Billie Jean” situation with ladies. A lot of times, we have heard him speaking rather ill of women he might or might have not made pregnant. He even released a whole album cover to mock them. Yikes. Nonetheless, he isn’t bad for his son.

He takes great care of his son, whom he calls Adonis. But now, the internet wonders whether Drake will have another child or not. According to Pinkvilla, his secret girlfriend is rumored to be Sexyy Red. If he has a secret girlfriend, the possibility of having yet another child is not impossible. And knowing the father of Adonis? Well, he probably has many women on the side too. And a lot more who claim he is the father while he isn’t.

Will Drake have a baby in 2024?

  • Yes – 7.00
  • No – 1.083


How About Elon Musk?

Moving on to Elon Musk, there is no question remaining really. He has 11 children, and these are only the ones we know about. Once more, it seems that Elon takes care of them, at least financially. Unfortunately, he also lost one child. While it is sad, at the same time, a part of the numbers. The more children you have, the chance of losing one increases. But the loss did not seem to shake his will from raising kids.

According to Bors Online, Giorgia Meloni was seen embracing Elon Musk in a photo. This might hint at yet another romance, and thus yet another child. I will bet on Elon Musk to become a father again. Because this man just can not stop himself it seems like.

Elon Musk and Giorgia Meloni baby in 2024

  • Yes – 26.00
  • No – 1.01

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Can I Bet On Other Celebrity Props?

Now that we are over the Drake and Elon Musk new baby odds. Let us explain the point of celebrity betting. You can find an event to which we can not fully predict the answer and boom. You have the perfect opportunity to make a bet. Let’s say someone calls 50 Cent a bad name. We can bet on his next action.

Is it going to be a Tweet? Is it going to be a celebrity fight? Maybe he will not even respond? In the same way, you can learn how to bet on Drake, you can find odds on any celebrities you might not expect. These are always coming with recent news and dramas. Thus, it’s advised to just browse around the collection sometimes. Alternatively, you have our website.

Where To Bet On The Drake And Elon Musk New Baby Odds

That was our report on Drake and Elon Musk new baby odds. And of course, these odds are fully available online! While they are not going to stay forever, we have a whole year to truly see the result of the bet. When the child is announced, the bet is won. Most bookies are vouching on no in both situations.

But what if there is more behind the curtain than we see in brief news? For those brave enough, we highly recommend celebrity betting. And of course, the odds in the article are featured. Thus, all you have to do is register at Bovada Sportsbook to be able to wager with the best bookies this year! And this isn’t your thing? You still have sports, entertainment, politics, and much more!

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