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Posted: May 24, 2024

Updated: May 24, 2024

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It’s time for us to have a Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef review. What happened? Why are they sending musical jabs against each other? Is Drake dating kids? What about his kids? Or did Drake just manipulate Kendrick into accusing him of false information? The strings are complex, but we are here to give you a clear summary.

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Today we are going to provide you with a Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef review. If you arrived here, then probably it means that you are coming from TikTok, or you just got confused by the recently released songs between these artists. But what is happening? Why would Kendrick hate on J Cole and Drake? Many stated that this is a divorce and not a beef. Yet, today we are talking about secret children, underage allegations, and many other things related to their private lives.

However, Drake did act like a mastermind to manipulate his opponent in the beef. We are going to report about everything you need to know. Of course, you will be able to wager on many events that might be attracted to the topic of beef. For that, please take a look at our selection of online gambling sites in Canada.

About The Drake and Kendrick Lamar Beef Review

This article is referring to the continuation of the Drake vs Kendrick Lamar oddsIf you are an absolute beginner in rap or sports betting, then let us start from the very beginning. Drake is on the #1 chart when it comes to the Hip Hop category. However, many would argue that Drake does not deserve his spot, because his songs are not representative of core rap values, nor does he have a life of struggle that fits into the genre. Drake introduced J Cole into the rap scene. He is a good rapper, though most of his critics would call him fake-deep.

On the other hand, we have Kendrick Lamar, who is surely a rap legend, yet his impulsive and often senseless actions can put him into the shadows. Like that one time when he shamed a white teenage girl for singing one of his songs after he invited her up to the stage. Nonetheless, we will reflect on all that, but first, please register at Drake Casino.

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The Beef Timeline

Let’s start our Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef review with a quick timeline. According to Forbes, the summary would be the following:

  • On October 6: 2023 Drake and J. Cole released “First Person Shooter,” calling themselves and Lamar the “big three” of rap.
  • March 22: Lamar disses Drake and J. Cole on “Like That,” rejecting the “big three” idea.
  • April 5: J. Cole responds with “7 Minute Drill,” calling out Lamar’s attention-seeking.
  • April 7: J. Cole backs down from the feud, citing pressure to respond.
  • April 13: Drake’s diss track “Push Ups” leaks, slamming Lamar and other artists.
  • April 15: Ross releases “Champagne Moments,” accusing Drake of cosmetic procedures and using ghostwriters.
  • April 19: Drake releases “Taylor Made Freestyle,” daring Lamar to respond.
  • April 21: Kanye West joins the beef on a remix of “Like That,” dissing Drake.
  • April 30: Lamar drops “Euphoria,” criticizing Drake’s identity and authenticity.
  • May 1: Drake posts a movie clip possibly referencing Lamar’s “Euphoria.”
  • May 2: “Euphoria” and “Push Ups” see significant rises on Spotify charts.
  • May 3: Drake releases “Family Matters,” targeting Lamar’s engagement. Lamar responds with “Meet the Grahams” and “6:16 in LA,” attacking Drake personally.
  • May 4: Lamar drops “Not Like Us,” accusing Drake of inappropriate behavior. Drake denies having a secret daughter on Instagram.
  • May 5: Drake releases “The Heart Part 6,” claiming to have fed false information to Lamar.
  • Metro Boomin releases a beat inviting fans to diss Drake.
  • May 7: Lamar’s “Not Like Us” breaks Spotify’s streaming record. Lamar’s “Euphoria” debuts at No. 11 on Billboard Hot 100. A security guard is shot outside Drake’s Toronto estate.

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The Songs – Drake and Kendrick Lamar Beef Review

Now let’s take a look at all of the songs created to diss each other. According to the Vulturethe following songs were created:

  • Like That (By Future, Metro Boomin, and Kendrick Lamar): Kendrick calls Cole out on his claim on “Big Three”, claiming that he is the “big one“.
  • Push Ups (By Drake): Drake bites back at Kendrick Lamar.
  • Taylor Made Freestyle (By Drake): While waiting on Lamar’s response, Drake also put out a since-deleted track, where he used Kendrick’s role models as A.I. voices to diss him.
  • Euphoria (By Kendrick Lamar): Lamar responds by calling Drake a bad father.
  • 6:16 in LA (By Kendrick Lamar): In this song, Kendrick claims that Drake’s company, OVO, is giving him information.
  • Family Matters (By Drake) In this song Drake bites back at Lamar.
  • Meet The Grahams (By Kendrick Lamar): In this song, Kendrick speaks to the hidden child of Drake.
  • Not Like Us (By Kendrick Lamar): He claims that Drake is into young girls.
  • The Heart Part 6 (By Drake): He says that all the info Kendrick got was from him, trolling all along, as he knew Kendrick would impulsively react.
  • U MY EVERYTHING (By Sexyy Red, Drake): Drake is subtly using Metroboomin’s song.

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The Back And Forth Continues

As you can see, the beef between the two rappers is not over. Kendrick has started to grow on the billboard top lists, while Drake has received a much brighter spot in the hearts of rap fans. According to Billboard, the whole ordeal began when Kendrick was featured in a Drake song. The Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef review means that we are going to analyze their points and meaning.

While some of the things about Drake are surely weird and interesting, at the same time? He spoke a lot of sense, while Kendrick was mostly just accusing on top of accusing. The beef was started by J Cole dropping a rather egotistical line. Yet at the same time? Kendrick decided to diss them for absolutely no reason. Essentially, we feel like the whole beef is getting a little boring.

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Who Is Winning? – Drake and Kendrick Lamar Beef Review

While the chance of the whole show being fake is there, at the same time, fans tend to debate one thing: Who won the beef? Of course, we have many fans who want to learn how to bet on Drake. At the same time, Kendrick’s latest album was among the 2023 Grammy AOY. Our current stance on beef reflects Drake’s possible allegations.

In case these are proven against him, he fully loses. However, if the allegations are wrong, then this is a huge victory for Drake. In many lines, he was right about Kendrick’s often pretentious music. Once more, is all that Kendrick said is true? Then Drake lost. However, if these are false allegations, then Kendrick lost, and the quality of his music alone was worse than Drake’s responses and troll information.

how to bet on rappers?

How To Bet On Celebrities?

Now that we finished our Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef review, we believe that the winner is Drake unless all of the accusations are proven true. Of course, instead of debating who is winning, and whether one is good or not, why don’t we bet on them instead? In the end, the two of them are both winning from the situation. Those who disliked Drake, wouldn’t have bought his album anyway.

And those not buying Kendrick albums, wouldn’t start purchasing his merch all of the sudden. Thus, the artists have profited from it. As listeners, we can win if we are super good at understanding their decisions and style. We can predict some props at the online betting sites, and win on the show. If you are interested in gambling games, we recommend you register at Drake Casino.

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