Dutch Casino Crimes Blamed on Muslim Youth

A casino checkout assistant terrorized by a rifle and asked to give money plus wear a veil.

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Gambling in the Netherlands is quite restricted and strictly regulated under Dutch gambling laws, so it would appear that playing at state-owned casinos is safe and fun.

But, fun is a relative term. When competition is restricted, as in the Netherlands, the offering variety is limited, thus just plain boring. Now, the safety myth has been demolished as well.

In a recent incident at one of the Dutch casinos, a casino cash register checkout assistant has been terrorized by a group of North African immigrants sticking a rifle to her head.

After the robbery, as rumors claim, the Muslim youths condemned the lady for having a cut in the blouse too low, which is un-Islamic, even though the lady happened to be a native Dutchwoman in her own land.

Despite the incident, the Dutch still attend the land-based casinos, while seeking ways to play online casinos in the Netherlands.. However, the access to many offshore sites is being blocked under the ruling of the Dutch judges.

As the online gambling regulations in the lowlands are still unclear, this also makes an uncertain move for those seeking to offer ways to bet via mobile casinos in Holland as a good alternative to state-run gambling enterprises.

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