Murderous Mexican Gang to Face Justice over Casino Massacre

A Mexican casino set on fire by dernaged gangsters results in 52 people dead. Now, the monsters get convicted.

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Gambling in Mexico can be dangerous. There are criminal elements present, waiting for the winners in a dark alley. One mistake, and the jackpot is gone. Lucky if the victim comes out alive.

Last August, a gruesome atrocity has occurred in Monterrey area when a gang known as ”Los Zetas” attacked Casino Royale, killing 52 people. The deranged bandits used 200 liters of gasoline to set the casino on fire.

As the rumors have it, there was some disagreement between the casino management and the gang leaders. Apparently, this atrocity has even sparked condemnation from the senior gang members.

The names of the convicted monsters are: Julio Tadeo Berrones Ramirez, Juan Angel Leal Flores, Tomas Sanchez Barbosa, Javier Alonso Martinez Morales, Jonathan Yair Reyna Gutierrez, Jonathan Estrada Emanuel Perez, Jose Alfredo Grimaldo Rodriguez, Gerardo Jimenez Alejandro de Leon, Luis Carlos Carrasco Espinosa, and Antonio Camacho Jaco.

These vicious beings were arrested soon after the casino fire and convicted now. None of them dared to make a public statement.

This incident has led anti-gambling advocates to call for overhaul of Mexican gambling laws where casinos would find it harder to operate.

However, the gambling regulations are already complicated, especially as related to online casinos in Mexico, as only a handful of places have licenses to operate. Those Internet casinos who operate out of Mexico can’t cater to Mexican players. This results in Mexicans visiting offshore casinos.

Many Mexicans like to play poker. Due to harsh poker environment in Mexico, where a game at a poker table can end in bodily harm, many opt in for Mexican poker rooms via remote devices.

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