Legal Horse Race Betting Could Land in Israel

Israeli legislature contemplating a plan to allow citizens to wager on extremely popular overseas horse races.

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Israeli gambling laws are restrictive to say the least, however that could soon change for the better, as Knesset, the Israeli legislature, is considering allowing people to bet on overseas horse races via the internet.

The new proposal is highly supported by the Culture and Sports Minister, Limor Livnat, and in case it goes through the Knesset, citizens will be able to bet on sports in Israel legally. Well, only on horses for the time being, but that’s a good start.

Israel gambling news report that the proposal was already approved by the Finance Committee, which means Israelis could have the opportunity to bet on horse races in Britain within six months’ time. Within a year punter will have the opportunity to place wagers on races worldwide with the exception of Israel itself.

Currently the coalition government backs the proposal, however there are some who oppose. Shai Hermesh from the Kadima Party along with Shachiv Shnaan of Atzmaut have some reservations about the measure.

Orly Fruman, the Director General from Culture and Sports Ministry, opined that betting on horse races would provide the Toto Winner sports betting council with additional revenues, which it will then spend on community sports facilities construction all over the country.

Israeli punters hope that the recent developments are only a start to a long campaign which will eventually bring legal and regulated online gambling opportunities to the Israeli population.

So far punters can only exercise their urges to bet online at offshore gambling destinations and even those are battling against IP blocks from the authorities.

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