Dutch Court Makes Anti-Gambling Feelings Well Known

The Netherlands get tough on online gambling with a new stern stance on illegal gambling sites

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The Netherlands government has changed its stance on online gambling so often now, that it is becoming little more than a joke whenever they do so. But not anymore, according to recent Netherlands gambling news.

According to Dutch News, the Dutch Supreme Court has just announced that international internet gambling operators who wish to access the accounts of Dutch users, must install software that effectively blocks the Dutch gamers access to the online casino or sportsbook.

The move is considered to be one of extraordinary power and and remarkable jurisdiction, according to sources, and is likely to fuel debate of illegal online gambling and the Dutch gambling laws even further in the Netherlands.

In a twist of fate, the Dutch Supreme Court has laid this quarry into the hands of the operators themselves, basically freeing the Dutch government from any and all involvement in the event, which has its advantages as they will now be guilt-free and blameless, and cannot be accused of ordered Internet Service Provider blocks or interfering with the internet, in a time when people are already riled by the recent ACTA issues.

On the financial side of it though, the Dutch government has retained their right to block any financial transactions made by Dutch gamers to offshore sportsbooks and online casinos in Holland. They have also told banks they will be prosecuted for not halting transactions by Dutch citizens to casinos without a license, and outside of the border.

It was just last March when the Netherlands abandoned a strict stern anti-gambling policy in favor of one that would allow them to grant licenses for internet gambling services throughout Holland, which estimates predicting up to EUR 10 million could be raised by 2013, by selling licenses.

The change was brought about by a new coalition government that came in October 2010, but now having reneged on that mild and profitable policy, the government has moved quickly to condemn all online gambling outside of the country’s borders, without license. A move that will certainly enrage Dutch gamblers across the lowlands.

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