Early Oscars 2019 Bets Amidst Backlash from New Award Category

Have you heard of the new Oscars award category? The Best Popular Picture has stirred quite a controversy in the Academy Awards circle of fans and critics alike. In a moment of drama like this take some time to explore some of the earliest Oscars 2019 bets, available at 1xBet Sportsbook.

Early bets on the Oscars

Internet gambling news in the US recently reported that the 91st Oscars will be held earlier than usual, on the 2nd of February 2019. The second change is that the program will be rounded to 3 hours, shorter than usual. So far these changes are acceptable, but the backlash comes from the new Best Popular Picture category. The name does not even sound right!

Many people argue that instead of popularity, stunt performances, casting or voice acting should be awarded. However, we cannot alter the Academy’s decision. What we can do is review the Oscars 2019 betting specials, though it might be a bit too early.

Some of the Earliest Bets on The Oscars

First Man and Beautiful Boy are two movies already on the Oscars 2019 radar. The best online betting sites in the United States predict 1.30 odds for Damien Chazelle to be nominated as Best Director. Seeing that Chazelle’s La La Land won the 2017 Oscars, he should automatically be recognized for his work in First Man!

Similarly, the Oscars 2019 betting odds also favor Ryan Gosling (1.33) to be nominated for Best Actor. In First Man, Gosling portrays Neil Armstrong in his mission to the moon. The trailer dubs this NASA journey: the most dangerous mission in history. We should be able to see some great acting from Gosling there.

Beautiful Boy is another strong movie releasing in the Oscars season of January 2019. The story focuses on a family coping with years of drug addiction. Without a doubt, it’s made of Oscars materials. According to online gambling directory in the US, we can definitely count on the main leads Timothee Chalamet (1.95) and Steve Carell (1.55) gaining a nod for the upcoming Oscars.

Brad Pitt for Best Director

What’s more? Beautiful Boy’s producer is the legendary Brad Pitt. He now works with the crew behind the camera. We won’t see him returning to acting in the near future. So if you want to gain some easy money, bet on Brad Pitt to not get an Oscars nomination for Best Actor at 1.20.

Will the Winner Be Wrongly Announced?

Finally, our favorite Oscars 2019 betting special is for a wrong winner to be announced during the show. The betting odds are at 9.00 for this to occur just like the La La Land and Moonlight debacle in 2017. That awkward and cringe-worthy moment on television is to die for. You can go ahead and pick your favorite early bets on Oscars 2019 at 1xBet Sportsbook now.

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