El Clásico Special Betting Odds You Don’t Want To Miss


Posted: August 27, 2021

Updated: August 27, 2021

  • The world freezes when El Clasico is on
  • Barcelona’s golden era gave them a significant advantage over their rivals
  • Head-to-head stats reveal that Real Madrid and Barcelona are level
  • Check out the interesting Barcelona vs Real Madrid special odds

El Clásico special betting odds for the upcoming season are finally available. The rivalry between the two clubs is something to admire. Both clubs push each other to the limit which resulted in them being on par with each other for almost 100 years. Stats reveal that neither club holds a significant advantage over their rivals which translates into the odds as well. The betting odds include some options that you probably have not seen before. Therefore, make sure not to miss this opportunity to place your predictions and win money. 

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The World Stops to Watch El Clasico

The biggest match in any of the top European leagues is without a doubt the one between Barcelona and Real Madrid. These are two of the best clubs in Europe coming head to head. Therefore, it is guaranteed that the match will be a thriller with a lot of action going on. Additionally, watching the best players in the world compete against each other is something to admire. The atmosphere inside the stadium is electric and breathtaking whether the match is at Camp Nou or Santiago Bernabéu. Fans from all over the world gather to cheer and support their favorite club.

In addition to fans inside the stadium, people from all over the world gather in front of their screens to watch it. The numbers show that approximately 650 million people from 182 countries watch the match. Being a match such a large magnitude of following, the media coverage is always like no other. It feels like the whole world stops for 90 minutes to watch the two best teams competing. Naturally, bookies also get behind the hype and publish different betting odds for each match. However, this year is different as El Clásico special betting odds include interesting options that you certainly have not seen before. Therefore, make sure not to miss this opportunity and place your betting predictions!

Barcelona’s La Liga Dominance

The rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid is unique. There has never been and will never be a rivalry between two teams with this scale. Historical records show that Real Madrid holds a significant advantage over their rivals in terms of winning trophies. Los Blancos have 34 La Liga, 13 UEFA Champions League, and 19 Copa del Rey trophies in their cabinets. On the other hand, Barcelona has 26 La Liga, 5 UEFA Champions League, and 31 Copa Del Rey trophies. Numbers clearly show a significant advantage for Real Madrid, especially in the UCL. However, those numbers consider all of football history, so what do numbers in the past decade say?

El Clásico Special Betting Odds
What is your prediction? Picture Source: Piqsels

Focusing on the La Liga numbers in the past 12 years tells a different story. Barcelona has dominated the league and won a total of eight times! This is thanks to the golden era including the six-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi. After spending hundreds of millions of dollars, Real Madrid was still blown away by their rivals. However, they have been recently edging their rivals in the title race. This allows bookies to include more interesting El Clásico special betting odds and betting options. Find out what options you have for the upcoming season!

El Clásico Special Betting Odds – Barcelona vs Real Madrid Head-to-Head

Naturally, the rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid is a close one. According to transfermarkt, the two clubs played against each other a total of 182 matches in La Liga. Real Madrid has a slight edge by winning 75 games, drawing 35, and losing the remaining 72 games. Since 1925, the two clubs have been on par with each other. A similar trend can be seen when looking at the stats over the past 5 seasons. After ten games, Barcelona won four, Real Madrid won three, and the remaining three ended in draws.

El Clásico Special Betting Odds, soccer betting
Picture Source: Pxfuel

This means that out of a possible 30 points, Barcelona won 15 and Real Madrid won 12. Being such a close competition between the two clubs, bookies opted to include options regarding the number of points in their El Clásico special betting odds. Which team will have the upper hand in the upcoming season?

El Clásico Special Betting Odds

For the 2021/ 2022 season, bookies and online sportsbook sites in Spain have published their El Clásico special betting odds. The betting options are all related to the number of points the Blaugrana will win against their rivals. Although recent stats show a relatively balanced split of points, the 2022 season could steer of the trend. With the departure of Messi, Barcelona will certainly need a lot of time to adjust to the change. No player will ever fill the void left by the greatest player in the history of the sport. Regardless of that, 22BET Sportsbook offers you the opportunity to place your betting prediction on all possible outcomes. The following table shows a summary of those options. What is your prediction?

3 points – Yes 3.50
3 points – No 1.26
4 points – Yes 4.60
4 points – No 1.16
1 point – Yes 5.30
1 point – No 1.12
6 points – Yes 5.70
6 points – No 1.10
0 points – Yes 7.20
0 points – No 1.06
2 points – Yes 12.00

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