ELEAGUE Major 2017: How to Bet on CS:GO?

eSports Betting ELEAGUE Major 2017

Place your bets on ELEAGUE Major 2017 matches to multiply your stakes. Do you know which teams are the best? Don’t hesitate to take advantage of your knowledge!

eSports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling in recent times at online sportsbooks in the US. It’s also one of the most modern form of gambling: to bet on video games has not been around for too long for obvious reasons. However, by today, the most prestigious eSports events are quite popular as well as very well rewarding for the ELEAGUE Major 2017 players for example. The winner of ELEAGUE Major 2017 will be given a $1,000,000 prize which is one of the highest prizes in eSports history. The incredible prize pot shows how the importance of such eSports events has grown in the past few years. Being an eSports player used to be a hobby for lazy people and it turned into an actual profession that makes actual money. Not even bad money. But let’s see why ELEAGUE Major 2017 winners gain so much money!

What is ELEAGUE Major 2017?

ELEAGUE Major 2017 is one of the most important eSports tournaments of the year. The total prize pot is among the highest ones in this competition and that is just one of the reasons why it’s such an important trophy. Another must-mention reason is how hard it is to qualify for ELEAGUE Major 2017. Only the best of the best can be here as there are thousands of Counter Strike: Global Offensive teams in the world, only 16 of them can participate in ELEAGUE Major 2017.

In addition, 8 of those teams are already decided due to their legendary status so all teams are fighting to get one of the only 8 places. Then the 16 teams will fight each other in hopes of winning the 1 million prize. Of course, online sportsbooks would never give up on such an opportunity to offer ELEAGUE Major 2017 betting odds for their dear customers.

Where should I bet on ELEAGUE Major 2017?

The number one eSports betting site where one should go in hopes of finding the best betting odds for ELEAGUE Major 2017 is obviously Bet365. It’s one of the most famous online sportsbooks in the UK as well as the whole wide world and not without a merit: high odds, tons of betting markets and even live streaming is waiting for those who bet on CS:GO at the famous betting site.

Yes, that’s true: Bet365 does not only make it possible for you to bet on ELEAGUE Major 2017, but you can also watch most of the games thanks to Bet365’s awesome live streaming system. Watch Counter Strike: Global Offensive matches online and place live bets on eSports!

However, don’t forget about the fact that you can bet on ELEAGUE Major 2017 at many other online sportsbooks as well. For example, 188BET Sportsbook also has some pretty cool offers, and so does Pinnacle Sports! It’s only up to you and your preferences which site you choose.

Once you decided about which online betting site you’re going to join to bet on ELEAGUE Major 2017, feel free to let us know why and how you liked it by leaving a comment below. Good luck and enjoy one of the most prestigious eSports events of 2017!

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