Esports betting

Toto is another form of betting available at most online sportsbook sites. To try its benefits, here you have everything about Toto betting explained: starting from definition and ending with the list of sportsbooks where you can try the one. ... read more

Even if the industry is growing month by month, there are only a few new games which make it to the esports scene. Anyhow, say hello to Valorant, Riot’s amazing shooter game. Also, as the esports betting market is wider than ever, we can bet on Valorant as well. The Absolut Masters is the firs significant Valorant Tournament. Let’s take a closer look together at the betting odds! ... read more

If you bet on Philadelphia Fusion, you pick the most experienced Overwatch esports team of the scene. Even more, if you pick them you choose the crew who has dominated all their matches in 2020 as well. Let’s take a closer look at the odds and statistics to see why the other teams don’t have a single chance to surmount the esports phenomenons of Philadelphia. ... read more

While the rest of the world is closing the gap, eSports in South Korea becomes more and more popular. As we can see on online sportsbook sites in South Korea it has hosted many of the biggest and richest pro gaming events ever. It was the first country in the world to recognize pro gamers as sportsmen. ... read more

Undoubtedly, betting on eSports in Germany is equal to real sports betting. For several years in a row, German gamers have defended the right to be called sportsmen. Why do they need it? How is eSports developing in Germany? In general, eSports in Germany have a difficult fate: on the one hand, this quite well develop, on the other hand, they refuse to recognize it as a sport. ... read more