Bet on Valorant – 2020 Absolute Masters Odds

  • Valorant is the newest entrant of the Esports games scene
  • The game's first significant tournament started in April
  • It's finals will take place in early July
  • Let's take a closer look at Absolute Masters Valorant Championship
Bet on Valorant

Even if the industry is growing month by month, there are only a few new games which make it to the esports scene. Anyhow, say hello to Valorant, Riot’s amazing shooter game. Also, as the esports betting market is wider than ever, we can bet on Valorant as well. The Absolut Masters is the firs significant Valorant Tournament. Let’s take a closer look together at the betting odds!

Absolute Masters is the first Valorant Championship with an open qualification. The event is organized by aL. Qualifier 1 started at the end of April. The Second Qualifier Followed it at the start of May. A total of 64 esports teams fought their way until the playoffs when 32 crews can continue the battle to the Finals which will take place on the 2nd of July.

Absolute Legends (aL) is a Belgian esports team, who has grown to an organization. They were involved in every game of the scene. However, they were mostly famous for their achievements in CS:GO. Now, they are creating esports events. Even more Championships like the Absolute Masters. Even if online gambling sites in Belgium didn’t offer bets on virtual sports back in their days, now they represented the first significant Valorant championships. With this, they conquered the hearts of all the betting sites since this way they could create their first markets to bet on Valorant.

Bet on Valorant among the firsts

Valorant is still in the BETA period. Anyhow, it’s already in common sense. Even more, online sportsbooks in Belgium have already created their wagers on this emerging esports. Valorant is a Third-Person-Shooter (TPS). It can be mostly described as something between Overwatch and CS:GO. It’s the newest development of Riot Games. Thus, it’s huge popularity isn’t a surprise. To get a BETA-Key you must have an old Riot account, or some streaming or testing experience. By the way, the cream of the esports scene is already playing the game on a professional level even before its much-anticipated release.

According to the statistics, AERIS is the most potential shoo-in, however, the betting odds favor Obsidian Esports

AERIS and Obsidian Esports both were CS:GO teams according to the ESL. Both of them are a smaller crew so they lived with the opportunity of the open qualifiers. (It’s worth the effort without a doubt.) AERIS is leading the scoreboard of the Qualifier 2. The Russian based team surmounted everything in the previous weeks, however, they haven’t faced such a well-prepared team before like OE. Obsidian Esports is an American Esports Team, despite they never became worldwide popular, they have a lot of victories and incredibly high stats in their matches. Probably it’s because this crew is experienced both in Overwatch and CS:GO. Thus, Valorant can be familiar terrain for them.

Bet on Valorant
The headquarters of Riot Games – Image source: Chris Yunker / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

AERIS and Obsidian Esports will face each other on the 22nd of May. If you would like to bet on Valorant, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Despite it seems one of the most exciting matches of the month, the 22BET Sportsbook offers quite high odds for the battle. AERIS stands with a 2.06 odds value while Obsidian Esports has a way shorter 1.66 multipliers.

InetGamer is also a promising rising star

InetGamer is a French esports team. They are an old-school CS:GO crew since they exist (2013). They never became the leaders of the scene however Valorant could bring them the much-anticipated glory. If you bet on Valorant Absolute Masters, you should always consider picking them even if they have higher odds in some cases. Experience can always win battles, both in sports and mostly in esports. Anyhow, on their next match, they have a short 1.51 odds at the 22BET Sportsbook to surmount Online Vision Gaming. OVG is also an outstanding team, however, they have a higher 2.355 odds this time.

In summary, if you bet on Valorant Absolute Masters in the upcoming weeks, you are wagering on the first Valorant tournament with open qualifiers. Thus, you can follow the smaller esports teams how they become legends. You can watch the championships on the Absolute Legend’s Twitch Channel.

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