ESL Vice President Gives Tips On How To Develop Games for eSports

Casual Connect Europe ESL

Arne Peters, the Vice President of ESL Gaming has shared some clever thoughts on how to develop games for them to be perfect for eSports.

The Casual Connect Europe event has been held in Berlin this year. Many interesting things were said during this celebration. One of the most interesting speeches was given by Arne Peters, the Vice President at ESL Gaming. His words and tips on how to develop games for eSports compatibility are still cited by online betting news in Germany.

The four ‘must-do’s

Arne Peters said there are 4 key factors that gaming software developers must follow when creating a new gaming product. These are the following: come up with an original idea. Don’t just try to copy successful eSports games like League of Legends or Counter Strike. Be innovative and find something new that people will be passionate about.

The second tip on how to develop games properly is “get the matchmaking right”, and the third tip is to create a well-functioning lobby to the players that will allow them to play against their friends. The last and probably the most important tip on how to develop games that will end up on eSports tournaments is anti-cheating features. The biggest challenge for this is PC games and a game where you can cheat will never become a successful eSports game.

Other interesting tips were given as well…

Another important sentence that Peters said was he expects developers to – apart from coming up with an actually original idea – put some effort into making this game fir for eSports tournaments. Not just create something so that they can make a lot of money from it, but try and think with the players’ heads and do something FOR them instead of just taking advantage of them.

Those are the best tips that the VP of the most important eSports tournament organizer gave to software developers. If you want to play eSports, check out the best games to play. If you want to bet on eSports, check out our list of the best online sportsbooks in Germany. The best ones offer eSports betting as an option, feel free to try it!

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