Bet on World Cup Qualifiers: Will Iceland Qualify for World Cup 2018?

Iceland Euro 2016 World Cup 2018

Iceland was one of the most surprising teams who performed in the Euro 2016, and while they didn’t make it too far, they became a likable team immediately as the supporters and the players coming from the tiny country showed so much passion. Will that be enough once again? Will Iceland qualify for World Cup 2018?

Online betting news in Iceland still remain pretty enthusiastic about seeing their nation in the World Cup in Russia, 2018 after the successful Euro 2016 Qualification for France. However, reaching that will be a bit tougher of a job as less European teams can participate in the World Cup and the qualification system is just much more difficult. And their group is not the easiest either…

Will Iceland qualify for World Cup 2018?

To be totally honest, it would be incredibly surprising if Iceland qualified for World Cup 2018. However, as we know, nothing is impossible. Leicester City can win the Premier League, Roger Federer can win a Grand Slam right after returning from a 6-month long injury at the age of 35… The national football team of Iceland is sure able to qualify for World Cup and only time will tell if they were able to show a good enough series of performances to be in the top 2 at least.

Is there any chance for Iceland to win Group I? The odds are pretty high for that because the chances are not too good. They go only third in the group at the moment. Popular online sportsbooks in Iceland, such as Bet365 for example, have set the odds for Iceland to win the group and hence qualifying for World Cup 2018 straight away at 9.00 (8/1). It’s obvious that they are not the favourites to win direct World Cup qualification.

Is Croatia the sure winner?

Well, according to betting news, betting tips, football experts and the odds at online sportsbooks, yes, Croatia is clearly the number one favourite to win Group I and hence to qualify themselves a safe place for Russia, 2018. The best odds for Croatia to win the group can be found at Betway, who set Croatian chances at 1.83 (5/6). So far, they live up to those expectations as Croatia are standing in the first place in the group, having won 3 out of 4 games and they are still unbeaten.

Ukraine comes as the second favourite to win the group. They have collected 8 points so far and their odds to win the group are 3.60 (13/5) at Bwin. Behind them comes Iceland with 7 points, so we can see that the tiny country’s national football team has a long way ahead of them before they will be counted as favourites to qualify for World Cup 2018. And they will surely see some tough challenges against the above mentioned rivals. To the question “Will Iceland qualify for World Cup 2018?”, we will only get a clear answer later on, so for now we can only hope for the strongest team to qualify. Whichever will miss out on the tournament, will be greatly missed.

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