Bet on World Cup Qualifiers: Big Teams Missing World Cup from Group G?

Rivalry Between Spain and Italy

Group G of the European World Cup qualifiers is likely to add a name to the list of big teams missing World Cup, but which one could that be?

Online betting news in Spain and Italy were sadly reporting that the rivalry between Spain and Italy is likely to revive once again as the two sides are facing each other again. Italy v Spain matches are legendary in both Euro and World Cup games and now we can support our favourites against the rivals even in the Qualification round. However, the big international football derby has its disadvantages as well: one of them will be forced to participate in the play-offs and might become one of the big teams missing World Cup.

Spain or Italy, who will win?

What if none of them?! So far, both big teams have collected 10 points after 4 match days. With that, Spain is leading the group and Italy come second – it is because Spain has a +14 goal difference, while Italy stands with +7. However, their situation is not that easy because they have a strong follower as Israel have lost only one of their 4 games and won the remaining three, which means they are just one points behind the two giants.

Of course, we must handle it at its own level: Israel lost easily to Italy in the first round and played the 3 obligatory games afterwards, they won respectively against Macedonia, Liechtenstein and Albania. They are yet to face Italy once and Spain twice. Online sportsbooks liker BetVictor or 188BET have given them 6.00 (5/1) odds to finish in the top 2, and those chances seem realistic. However, if you want to bet on the underdogs and believe they can catch either Italy or Spain, you might want to bet on Israel!

Take advantage of the rivalry between Spain and Italy!

The Spain v Italy rivalry is definitely going to cause some interesting moment for all those who like to bet on sports. The two teams have already played their first encounter and they tied by 1-1 at Juventus Stadium in Italy. Their next encounter will be in September. That will be the 7th match day of Group G so we will know much more about the chances to qualify for World Cup by then. As of today, Spain seem to be the favorites to win the group.

Why, you ask? Well, they have a much stronger squad and they seem to go way too confident against the smaller teams. That is proven by their 4-0 victory against FYR Macedonia and also by them trashing Liechtenstein by 8-0. Lopetegui’s work seems to be really fitting to the Spanish squad so far and if players like these can work together, that can only result in something big.

However, betting on Spain to win the group might not be the most rewarding one. The odds for Spain to win are as low as 1.36 (4/11) at online sportsbooks in Spain, such as Bet365, for example. The group winning odds for Italy are 3.00 (2/1) and Israel comes third with 41.00 (40/1) odds. Will you bet on the underdogs, or will you place a safe bet? It’s up to you, but whatever you decide, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below!

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