Bet on World Cup Qualifiers: Denmark Fail to Qualify Again?

Qualifiers for Russia 2018

The World Cup Qualifiers are back soon. Till then, we are trying to make an overview of the best teams and chances of who can still qualify and who are out already. Will Denmark fail to qualify again? We will see soon, till then, let’s learn more about their chances together!

After the drawing, Group E didn’t seem like the toughest group ever. In fact, Poland counts as favourites to win Group E according to odds at online sportsbooks in Poland. For example, Betway’s odds for Poland to win the group are 1.73 (8/11). The Polish team lives up to the expectations: they are leading the group having won 3 out of 4 matches and tying the other one.

Denmark football fans

Yeah, Denmark, make these guys happy (Photo: The Telegraph)

That means they have collected 10 points already which puts them 4 points ahead of Denmark. The Danes didn’t start the competition at all too well. They are currently in the third position only because they lost two games and won the other two. They will Far better performances will be needed if Denmark wants to avoid not being able to qualify for the World Cup. Again.

Can Montenegro qualify for World Cup?

Montenegro is a country which ‘has been born’ in 2006. They have participated already in the World Cup 2006 because Serbia qualified and they split afterwards, so they were together on the tournament as Serbia and Montenegro. Till then, they never once attended any major tournaments but now there might be an actual chance, it doesn’t seem too unbelievable to hear “Montenegro qualified for World Cup 2018.”

However, online sportsbooks still treat Montenegro’s chances suspiciously. Their odds are not too good even though they are in the second place, 1 point ahead of Denmark and 3 points behind Poland. Montenegro’s odds to win the group are 7.00 (6/1) at Coral Sportsbook. Maybe you want to place a bet on that! Because we all know that anything can happen in football!

Bet safer – Bet on Top 2 finish

If you want to be even more sure that your money will be multiplied thanks to your online gambling activities, then maybe betting on group winner is not the best idea. It’s much harder to predict if one of the underdogs will win and the odds for Poland to win the group are not very well rewarding. However, you still have a chance to make some money, for example at BetVictor.

At one of the most famous online sports betting sites in the UK, you will be able to bet in the teams to finish in the Top 2. Now that makes it more exciting! You probably won’t want to waste your money betting on Armenia or Kazakhstan, but to place a bet on Romania to finish in the Top 2, or Montenegro, or especially Denmark, not that might not even be such a bad idea.

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