Bet on World Cup Qualifiers: Serbia to Qualify Ahead of Wales and Austria??

Serbia World Cup 2018 Qualification

Our intuitions say you should bet on Serbia to qualify for World Cup 2018 because they have been performing quite well so far and their odds are quite tempting as well.

World Cup Qualifiers 2018 have brought some rather balanced groups. One of these groups is without a doubt Group D where 3 of the best teams are regarded as pretty much equals according to online sportsbooks. These three teams are without a doubt the Republic of Ireland, Wales and Austria.

These three teams are not the best football teams in the world but they are capable of providing top quality team play when it becomes necessary. The Irish team is always thereabouts to qualify for the big tournaments and whenever they do, we can enjoy what their fans are doing meanwhile. On the other hand, Wales and Austria have world class players like Gareth Bale and David Alaba.

While there might be good players, their teams might just not function so well…

Austria was expected to shine during Euro 2016, they were one of the small teams who were regarded as the black horse who could achieve big things during the tournament. However, they finished last in their group and were rather disappointing in those 3 Euro 2016 games that they got to play.

Wales, on the other hand, was one of the over-achievers. Nobody expected Bale and his mates to reach the semi-finals, but yet they did where they lost to Euro 2016 winner Portugal by 2-0. They are one of the favourites in Group D to qualify for World Cup 2018, but now something doesn’t seem to go right for them. Online betting news in the UK blame the poor form of Wales on the serious injuries that their star Gareth Bale had to suffer – he is out until February due to an injury he picked up with Real Madrid.

Bet on Serbia to qualify!

Now that we see that two of the favourites have been underachieving, we can see why betting on Serbia to qualify for world Cup 2018 might not be such a bad idea. Online sportsbooks in Serbia are aware of the fact that winning the group would be quite hard for them: their odds for that are 3.00 (2/1) at BetVictor.

The odds for group leader Ireland to qualify are 2.88 (15/8), thanks to which, they are regarded as favourites. No surprise here, they are in the first position as of today. Betting on Austria to win the group might be a good idea as well: you can claim 10.00 (9/1) times your stake with this bet at Paddy Power.

If you want to bet on teams to qualify for World Cup 2018, your best betting site to join is definitely Coral Sportsbook. Here you can find 1.50 (1/2) odds for Ireland to qualify and 1.83 (5/6) odds for Wales to qualify for World Cup 2018. The odds for Serbia to finish in the top two in Group D are 1.70 (7/10) at Unibet and it’s quite a good odds. You might want to consider betting on them!

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