Bet on World Cup Qualifiers: Can Portugal Fail to Qualify?

Portugal Qualify World Cup 2018

The three best teams in the Group B of Europe’s World Cup Qualifiers are Hungary, Switzerland and Portugal. Can the former two achieve the seemingly impossible to make Portugal fail to qualify for World Cup 2018? Let’s see the chances!

This is the second episode of our series, in which we are investigating what kinds of results the World Cup Qualifiers have shown us so far. Four games were played in Europe and we can already make quite a few consequences which can be of great help for us in the future if we want to bet on World Cup Qualifiers at the best online sportsbooks with the highest odds.

But let’s take a look at the facts more thoroughly: What are the odds for Hungary to qualify for World Cup? What are the chances for Switzerland to win World Cup Qualification Group B? Can Portugal fail to qualify eventually? Of course we don’t have the answers yet, but we have our ideas of who can and who cannot qualify for the most prestigious international football tournament in Russia.

Can Portugal fail to qualify?

Of course the number one favourite to win Group B is European Championship holder Portugal. Being lead by probably the best footballer in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, together with a solid team, Portugal might come as underestimated favourites for the World Cup 2018. Their position seemed rather secure and they are still expected to win Group B, even though they only in the second position at the moment.

That is due to the fact that they started the competition with a 2-0 defeat from Switzerland. They won all their 3 matches, however, taking the 3 points was expected against Andorra, Feroer Islands as well as Latvia. What would happen in case Portugal failed to qualify? Well, they would most probably be extremely disappointed, and we wouldn’t see the best European football team in the World Cup.

Despite the fact that they were beaten by Switzerland and are behind the Central European team, Portugal are still regarded as favourites to win the group, according to online sportsbooks in Portugal, such as Bet365. Their odds for Portugal to win World Cup Qulifiers group are 1.91 (10/11).

Bet on Switzerland wnining Group B!

At first sight, it might seem a bit absurd to bet on Switzerland to win World Cup Qulifiers Group, however, if we think a bit more about it, it might make some sense… they are already 3 points ahead of Portugal. They played once against Portugal and they defeated them. They also played and wo against Hungary, while Portugal still have 2 more games against them. They might lose some more points there again, just like they did at Euro 2016.

If Switzerland plays their cards out well, they might be capable of retaining their current spot. Defeating Portugal in the first round and then Hungary as well, these games gave them a huge advantage. One that will not be easy to come back from. They have 6 games left and winning will be obligatory on 4 of them.

Betting on Switzerland to win World Cup Qualifiers group head of Portugal and Hungary would not be such a bad idea. BetVictor has given 1.91 (10/11) odds for Switzerland to win. Those who want to win big and believe that Hungary can still come back and qualify for World Cup directly by winning their group, they can bet on Hungary to win for 41.00 (40/1) odds at Betway.

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