Unibet and Blast Pro Series Partnership Takes Esports Betting to the Next Level

Unibet and Blast Pro Series partnership

Unibet Sportsbook makes a bold move and expands its betting realms. The relatively new category of Esports betting is being explored. Unibet and Blast Pro Series partnership is the living proof of the site’s investment. What does it entail? Let’s find out!

First of all, let’s get into a little bit of introduction. The Blast Pro Series is the first ever Counter-Strike: Global Offensive live competition participated by talents from all over the world.

There will be 6 competing teams, competing 15 games throughout the tournament. Out of these teams, the winner will receive 125,000 GBP. The total prize pool is at a whopping 250,000 GBP, as a result of Unibet and Blast Pro Series partnership.

Jot it down on your calendar because November 24-25 is when the tournament will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Unibet Blast Pro Series Partnership

The Royal Arena: venue of the Blast Pro Series (source:

10,000 tickets are already on sale for the event at the Royal Arena. The cheapest ticket costs 16 GBP and the most exclusive seat amounts to 60 GBP. The latest online gambling news in Denmark reported that 8,000 tickets were sold out not long after it went on sale! But wait there’s no need to panic. We can stream it live too, don’t worry!

Outcome of Unibet and Blast Pro Series Partnership

Unibet and Blast Pro Series partnership means exclusive betting rights. Unibet Sportsbook will be the only online platform to provide outright odds and other online gambling promotions for the 2-day tournament.

Seeing as the competition has already garnered a lot of attention, many online sports betting sites may start to follow Unibet Sportbook’s lead.

The partnership deal was signed by Kindred Group and RFRSH Entertainment, owners of Unibet Sportsbook and Blast Pro Series respectively. This deal shows Kindred Group’s trust in the growing popularity of esports and that they are not hesitant to dive into this opportunity.

Chief Commercial Officer of Kindred Group, Ms. Ebba Ljungerud put it best “Sponsoring the first in the series of events demonstrates our commitment to professional sports and the recent deal RFRSH Entertainment signed with ESIC (Esports Integrity Coalition) supports our continued efforts to maintain integrity of the sport.”

Remember, you cannot place your bets at other online sportsbook sites, just Unibet Sportsbook! And there are less than 10 days until the start of the tournament. Let the countdown begin now!

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