There is an instinctive resistance to betting on E-Sports in the gambling fraternity. Once away from the comfort zone of traditional real-world sports punters tend to get antsy. These people are still suspicious E-sports isn’t serious. That a wager on people playing computer games at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 is just a step above betting on Big Brother or Royal babies. However, that attitude is changing and soon you too may need to know how to bet on E-sports. ... read more

As the eSport industry is growing bigger every day, so does the demand for betting availability. Police were arresting six gamers in Australia after two-months long investigation for match-fixing in CSGO. They purposedly throw at least five matches and were placing bets on them. Where are we to judge anybody. Cocks killing people all over the world, bolts of lightning are charing on innocent football players. What can we expect? Sure these guys were trying to make some money. But after all, match-fixing in CSGO is still a shitty move. ... read more

If you follow esports at any level you must have heard about Ninjas in Pyjamas before. As CS:GO was revealed in 2012 NiP instantly took over the whole scene and made a historical 87 game-winning streak. Old times’ shine is fading away, nowadays NiP is having a hard time against many PRO teams. Let’s examine the possible reasons and outcome opportunities in this FaZe vs Ninjas in Pyjamas betting preview. ... read more

It was at the 2018 FACEIT London Major that Astralis proved the younger players in the Esports stalwart CS:GO are no longer willing to take a backseat taking home their second Major trophy, but was this a fluke or are we witnessing a changing of the guard, and should back them at bookies like Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK, where they’re offering all the odds you could want to bet on Esports champions like Danes Astralis this weekend? ... read more