ESL One Road to Rio Europe G2 vs FaZe CS:GO Betting Predictions


Posted: April 22, 2020

Updated: April 22, 2020

  • The ESL One Road to Rio Europe has started on the 22nd of April
  • The Finals Will take place on the 17th of May
  • Let's take a look at Europe's biggest CS: Go Tournament
Image source: Flickr

We created a preview of the ESL One Road to Rio Europe to make our predictions on the most prestigious CS: GO tournament on the continent. Let’s take a glimpse at the FaZe vs G2 matchup to find out who is more likely to find his road to Rio.

The ESL One Road to Rio Europe is the Europen qualifier for the ESL One: Rio Major 2020. 16 teams compete in the challenge, it’s considered as an A-Tier CS: Go tournament. The whole act takes place on an online platform, with internationally recognized commentators. The prize-pool for the European Leauge is $115.000. By the way, the juicy part is that the Rio Major has an unbelievable $2.000.000 prize money. The huge value is caused by the cancelation of the previous CS: GO ESL One tournament.

The battle just began but online sportsbooks in the UK have already created their bets on the fascinating eSports tournament.

Based on the ESL One Road to Rio Europe Odds we face an exciting season

The European CS: GO scene has been including the same teams since the very beginnings. The consequence of the few participants in the competitions is that the crews are getting closer to each other. If you take a look at the 2020 ESL One Road to Rio Europe odds, you can see a proof of this. Most of the odds are between 15/20 and 18/20. Even if there are a couple of teams which are behind, the top six this year is Virtus.PRo, Fnatic, mousEsoports, G2, Faze an Astralis. Betting on their matches gonna be real fun. You can be rooting for any team since they are all potential shoo-ins. If you would like to learn more statistics about these phenomenons visit the Betway Sportsbook to find all the necessary data before you place your wagers.

File:ESL Light Horizontal Logo.svg
The Logo of ESL – Image source: ESL via Wikimedia Commons

The G2 Esports’s and FaZe Clan’s Odds are close but based on the statistics G2 is more potential

The ESL One Road to Rio Europe’s two most potential teams will face each other this Sunday (26th of April). Both of them are worldwide recognized eSports teams. However, if you take a look at the online sportsbooks news in the UK, you can see that the bets on FaZe in the previous months weren’t too rewarding. Even more, the last time when they faced G2 they lost the match. Despite that, the two teams’ odds are very close. FaZe stands with a 9/10 odds value while G2 has 4/5.

Click here to visit the Betway Sportsbook to see further statistics on the ESL One Way To Rio Europe

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